Two Social Democrat women, rumored for the Education portfolio

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Two women, members of the ruling Social Democrat Party are rumored to take over the vacant seat as Education minister. Sources from the Government told local media that PM Viorica Dancila has sent to Cotroceni presidential palace the proposal that the interim position should be taken over by Rovana Plumb, currently minister of European Funds.

On the other hand, a day ago, Ecaterina Andronescu, Education minister in the other former PSD cabinets, has revealed that the party chairman Liviu Dragnea had offered her the position of Education minister twice. Andronescu is among the SocDem members who are at loggerheads with Dragnea. She has recently criticised him in an open letter and asked him to take a step back.

Now, Andronescu says that the PSD head has offered her the Education portfolio twice, but that she has given him no answer yet, as she would like to have more concrete talks with Dragnea first.

I gave him no answer, I want to discuss more specifically. He made me this offer before the Executive Committee, after my letter, in a second meeting. I didn’t write the letter to obtain any positions,” Andronescu told Realitatea TV private broadcaster, adding that “it’s not only up to me to become minister“.

Questioned if this would mean she has come to terms with Dragnea, Andronescu replied that in this matter it cannot be anything else at stake “than the national interest”.

This is not important, to split positions, but to do what is being asked in the Education field not only in Romania, but also across Europe“, Andronescu said.
Education minister Valentin Popa resigned on Thursday from this position following a discussion with the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea previously in the morning.

Valentin Popa told mass media that he had resigned because he had not agreed with UDMR’s request that the ordinance on the Romanian classes at the national minorities schools should be amended.

I don’t agree with the UDMR’s request to adopt the ordinance provision that says the Romanian classes should be taught in the national minorities languages. UDMR would like these classes to be outside the basis norm and that schoolmasters who taught Romanian in the languages of the minorities should get wages higher by 20%. I announced Mrs. premier that I quit,” Popa said. More here.


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