U.S. Ambassador in Bucharest pays visit to Brasov to discusses potential investment prospects


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The US Ambassador to Bucharest, Kathleen Kavalec, traveled to Brasov to talk with the local authorities about investment opportunities. The American ambassador’s visit to Brasov, which also included meetings with Barbara and Christopher Promberger from the Conservathion Carpathia Foundation and with representatives of the Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

U.S. Ambassador Kavalec undertook a momentous trip to Brasov, reaffirming the enduring bonds between the United States and Romania and marking a significant day of diplomatic engagement.


The visit commenced with a warm welcome by Mayor Allen Coliban and Deputy Mayor Flavia Boghiu at the CATTIA Center for Refugees. The ambassador witnessed a remarkable synergy between Brasov’s local government, Romanian national authorities, international organizations, the private sector, and NGOs. Their collaborative efforts have positively impacted the lives of over 3,000 Ukrainian refugees, casting a beacon of hope that illuminates the city. While at the center, the Ambassador also met with award-winning activist Radu Hossu and thanked him for his tireless efforts in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians in need.

Captivated by the vision of a greener world, Ambassador Kavalec engaged in fruitful discussions with Barbara and Christopher Promberger. They shared the inspiring environmental initiatives undertaken by the Carpathia Foundation, which has been conserving large, forested areas in the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains of Romania since 2009.

In pursuit of mutual prosperity, Ambassador Kavalec held consultations with Mayor Coliban and Deputy Mayor Boghiu to explore new avenues for U.S. investment in the vibrant Brasov area. The ambassador was deeply impressed by Brasov’s ambitious vision to become Romania and the EU’s green capital under Mayor Coliban’s visionary leadership. During her visit, Ambassador Kavalec also met with representatives from Brasov’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, fostering dialogues to boost trade and investment ties between the United States and Romania.

This diplomatic visit symbolizes the unwavering strength of the partnership between the United States and Romania and reflects our collective determination to create a brighter future together,” reads a press release by the U.S. Embassy to Romania.

“I am glad that we were able to show the ambitions of Brasov in this field, to talk about all the policies that support a green Brasov and Brasov the green capital, but at the same time to inform the commercial representatives of the embassy about the opportunities that our city and the metropolitan area offer. We talked about CET and the fact that we are looking for investors for this [industrial] platform, but also about investbrasov.org, the portal that gathers all the elements, all the parameters that can attract investors and make Braţov important on the investment map of Eastern Europe. About all of that I am convinced that the dialogue will continue, the institutional dialogue, and I want to thank the representatives of the US Embassy for all the openness and all the appreciation expressed today towards Brasov“, the mayor of Brasov Allen Coliban said, in his turn,  in a press release.

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