U.S. Ambassador to Romania decided upon, sources say


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U.S. is expected to send an ambassador to Bucharest soon, after more than two years when the embassy was run by ad-interim Charges d’Affaires, political sources told Hotnews.ro. For now, his name is under embargo, but an appointment is expected soon, the quoted sources unveiled.

Political and foreign affairs analyst Emil Hurezeanu confirmed the move at Digi 24 TV, late on Thursday evening. “We are dealing with an expert in special operations, a man highly experienced in delicate regions which represented geopolitical, military and strategic targets for USA. Let’s say Afghanistan. I won’t tell you more, even if I know more than you reported quoting Hotnews sources,” Hurezeanu disclosed.

On Friday the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest told Agerpres that the White House is working on identifying an extremely qualified canditate for the ambassador position in Bucharest and that the embassy is waiting for the White House’s official answer.

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