UDMR Deputies’ leader Korodi says the cleavage with PSD is serious

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The leader of UDMR Deputies Attila Korodi argues that the cleavage between UDMR and PSD is very serious and says a censure motion from the opposition is opportune, but needs clear strategy about the next steps.

Korodi says the “cleavage between UDMR and PSD is very serious and the reason is related to the fact that the Government did not make the steps needed regarding Valea Uzului. The Prefectures did not take action or act against the law. On the other hand, we see clear signs in the ruling coalition, by mid-summer it can lose the governance due to the decision-making incapacity,” rfi.ro informs.

Asked if UDMR would join a non-PSD government, had the censure motion be approved, Korodi said that, from his point of view, UDMR may support such an approach, but will not join the governance.

“We expect from the opposition parties a serious approach, with clear strategy on each step following a possible censure motion,” the UDMR representative said.

He points to a constructive approach, about the censure motion, early elections next year, so that all parties may get involved and anticipate the path.

“Currently, there are signs from PNL and USR that they have different approaches, they have different approaches on taking over governance. Such things should be clarified and harmonized,” Korodi said.

Melescanu should make a step back

“My personal opinion is that the Foreign Minister should make a step back, certainly there have been management problems. I don’t have a clear view about the Interior Minister, there are other elements and problems, even before the campaign,” Attila Korodi said for RFI.

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