UDMR leader: Justice minister should be sacked and GEO 7 repealed


The leader of the UDMR deputies, Attila Korodi told RFI on Wednesday that GEO 7 amending justice laws should be completely repealed and Justice Minister Tudorel Toader dismissed.

The representative of the Magyar community in the Romanian Parliament thinks that the magistrates’ reaction to stage protests “is normal and frank”.

After many political and judiciary debates in Parliament, when certain things have become clear, here comes the Justice minister slamming an emergency ordinance, GEO 7, which puzzled all again,” Korodi pointed out, adding that GEO 7 should be completely repealed.

 “The Government has already come up with another Ordinance, correcting certain elements, so from one mistake to another, but in half-measured solutions. It should be all repealed,” he argued.

Attila Korodi announced that UDMR will vote the simple motion against the Justice minister, arguing Tudorel Toader must be dismissed.

The Chamber of Deputies has decided on Wednesday that the vote for the simple motion filed by the Opposition against Justice minister Toader should be given next week on March 20. The deputies were supposed to vote the simple motion since last week, the plenary session was adjourned over lack of quorum.


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