UDMR quits the ruling coalition, offensive for power shift officially blasts off

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The Magyar Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR) announced on Thursday it would leave the ruling coalition, the final decision is however to be ratified at the party’s leadership meeting on December 13.

“We understood the message coming from our voters, meaning that UDMR should stay more focused on their problems,” the Union’ s president Kelemen Hunor argued the decision.

He said UDMR doesn’t want to trigger instability by withdrawing from the ruling coalition, as the Government can function and can be stable without UDMR.

“(…) Political stability is not depending on our presence in the ruling coalition. We don’t want to create instability, to overthrow governments, there is not our intention to veto the incumbent Government,” Kelemen added.

Asked if UDMR is targeting a partnership with the National Liberal Party, UDMR leader said his party has in mind “a dialogue with all democratic political forces.”

“There is no request from PNL or from our members to start any dialogue. As far as I understood, PNL doesn’t want to rule, there is no such possibility,” Kelemen pointed out. He also denied that UDMR’s decision to leave the ruling coalition had something to do with the fact that a large proportion of Magyar ethnics had voted for Iohannis at the presidential elections.

However, UDMR’s move was seen in the Liberal camp as a step for proceeding consultations in the view of setting up a new majority to counter the incumbent ruling party, Social Democrat Party.

The Liberal first vice-president Alina Gorghiu told Mediafax that any talk related to a possible collaboration with UDMR to set up a new parliamentary majority would be viable when UDMR officially voted for stepping out the ruling coalition. “Our main target to remove the toxic Ponta Cabinet still stands. The sooner we can build up a new parliamentary majority to file a no-confidence motion the better it will be,” Gorghiu argued.

Democrat Liberal MP Cezar Preda also said he has known for a week that UDMR would quit ruling coalition, underlining that the new Liberal Party will join together in the opposition to overthrow the incumbent Government. “When it will be that? When a comfortable majority is guaranteed and UDMR is no longer next to Ponta, Dragnea and others,” Preda concluded.

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