UDMR shifts to PNL


UDMR will discuss “probably” this week about a possible new Liberal parliamentary majority to be formed in 2015, said on Monday Senator Marko Bela, UDMR former President.

Asked by RFI if UDMR would be willing to talk to PNL about forming another parliamentary majority, Marko Bela said: “We will discuss on it probably this week, when UDMR leadership convenes, but there will probably be only a discussion in principle, because from what I know so far, there haven’t been such explorations.”

The UDMR senator added that, probably, another majority will be probably set up as next year. “ It is not UDMR to decide whether the government is changed or not. This depends on the parliamentary majority and depends also on UDMR votes. But at the moment I have no knowledge that the opposition has an immediate intention to form a certain majority. I guess that sooner or later, probably next year, forming another majority will be lobbied and then we will have to see what to do for ourselves, but the decision, in my opinion, is not an immediate one,” Marko Bela told RFI.

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said last week that the Union is not looking for excuses to go out of the government and that, at the moment, he is trying to understand what has happened at the polls and what was the resort that led to the vote expressed by the Hungarian electorate.

UDMR suffered a major defeat at the presidential elections, when more Hungarians went voting in the runoff than they did in the first round, when two representatives of the Hungarian minority were running for the presidential chair.

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