UDMR too wants to amend the criminal codes: Smaller punishments and ‘mitigating circumstances’ for those who committed corruption offenses


The Hungarian minority’s political party, UDMR, has filed in the Senate a bill to amend the Criminal Codes, which reduces the penalties, grants mitigating circumstances for those who committed corruption offenses and proposes cuts in prison sentences for inmates who donate money to penitentiaries.

The proposal comes weeks after the attempt by former Justice Minister Florin Iordache to amend the criminal codes by emergency ordinance 13, which stirred huge protests downtown Bucharest and throughout the country. Early this week, PSD Senator Serban Nicolae, leader of the Legal committee in the Senate, submitted amendments to the pardon draft bill adopted by the Grindeanu cabinet.

As proposed by UDMR, Article 75 d) of the Criminal Code should provide that “the full coverage of the material damage caused by the offense, during prosecution or trial, until the first hearing, if the offender has not benefited from this circumstance in the past 5 years prior to the offence”, is part of the legal mitigating circumstances.

Under the draft bill, of the mitigating circumstances could benefit those who commit crimes against public health, against national security, against humanity, crimes of corruption, money laundering, offenses concerning the protection of witnesses, the persons failing to comply with the regime on organ, tissues or cells of human origin trafficking, on preventing and combating pornography and those involved in adoptions regime.

UMDR wants parole if the convict carried out at least half of the sentence, if imprisonment is not exceeding 10 years, or at least two thirds of the sentence, but not more than 15 years, if imprisonment exceeds 10 years.

UDMR wants smaller punishments for prisoners who have reached 60 years.

The draft bill filed wants to amend also the Criminal Procedure Code. UDMR proposes the change in closed detention regime, being applied to persons convicted for violent crimes. UDMR wants those convicted of acts of violence for more than one year, but not more than 3 years, to benefit from semi-open regime.

Prisoners will be able to donate 40% of the money earned from working during imprisonment to reduce the prison sentence.

When writing scientific works, which are published, or patented inventions and innovations, it is considered 20 days of executed sentence, for each scientific paper or patented invention and innovation, the draft bill reads.

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