UDMR’s Korodi: Gendarmerie’s intervention, disproportionate. Suspending Iohannis, not an issue

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No one has assumed responsibility for certain erroneous procedures of the Gendarmerie during the protests on August 10, in Victoriei Square, the leader of the UDMR Deputies, Attila Korodi, has told RFI.

In Attila Korodi’s opinion, the Gendarmerie intervention of August 10 was “disproportionate, of course, as it was seen on television and from what was released by the press (…). Things must be clarified as soon as possible.”

The UDMR leader notes that “there are some contradictions in the statements. Besides excuses, I have not seen the assumption of responsibility for some wrong procedures of the Gendarmerie. Should there be resignations or not? Because currently the society is much divided on this issue, I think it is best that the verifications started by the Prosecutor General’s Office should be concluded as soon as possible and then to have clear decisions.”

Asked by RFI if President Klaus Iohannis should be suspended for the statements made after the violence on August 10, Attila Korodi believes that “President Iohannis should assume, especially in these very conflicting situations, the role of mediator (…). It is hard to say that he was wrong. He did not make mistakes and he did not get out of his constitutional role. So, the suspension … it is not an issue, but one thing is clear: the President of Romania should assume a much more important role of mediator, because if these things do not happen, exaggerated positions based on the division of Romanian society will get stronger and this will bring no benefits to Romania.”

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  1. Bryan Davidson says

    “the division of Romanian society will get stronger and this will bring no benefits to Romania.” – Attila Korodi’s. Let’s talk about really what those divides are. What are the protesters telling us? Focusing on “Division” without communication is like focusing on a pen and expecting it to write by itself.

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