Udrea lashes out against Intelligence Service interim director, Florian Coldea

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Incendiary disclosures about businessman Sebastian Ghita, Democrat Liberal president Vasile Blaga.

Elena Udrea, prosecuted for money laundering and false wealth statements in Microsoft file, said in an interview to Hotnews.ro that she lodged information against Florian Coldea, interim director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, at the National Anti-corruption Directorate. Udrea is accusing Coldea he would have launched a campaign against her and that he would have asked her former husband, Dorin Cocos to give EUR 500,000 to former Social Democrat Sebastian Ghita in order to finance his TV station, Romania TV. Udrea is claiming that the money was paid through Dorin Cocos’ son, Alin Cocos (also detained in the file related to illegal retrocessions).

Questioned what evidence she has, Udrea said that she knew these from the statements made by Dorin Cocos, Gheorghe Stefan (both prosecuted in Microsoft file), the late Culita Tarata (former leader of Neamt County Council) and also from information provided by Sebastian Ghita himself.

“During a coffee chat with Mr. Sebastian Ghita last summer, he, as a person closed to the Romanian Intelligence Service and a person who was seeing Mr. Florian Coldea quite often, told me that Mr. Coldea was hating me. I asked him why is that and he told me something I have brought it public into the open later on: for I have always been an alternative source of information for the president,” the former Tourism minister and ex-presidential candidate argued.

Elena Udrea also unveiled she lobbied to PM Victor Ponta to name Laura Codruta Kovesi as head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate. Udrea claimed she talked to the prime minister about that in his office from the building where he is living. Udrea says that Florian Coldea (SRI deputy director at that time) was the one who proposed Kovesi as DNA chief prosecutor. “Kovesi was a name that the President (former president Traian Basescu) has been wanting for long time, but the idea of her running DNA came from Florian Coldea,” Udrea explained.

Moreover, the former presidential candidate advanced a beat linking president of the Democrat Liberal Party, Vasile Blaga to the Microsoft file. Precisely, Udrea stated that during the electoral campaign a document has emerged at Romania TV for two hours pointing that Vasile Blaga had received money in the Microsoft case. According to Udrea, Romania TV owner, Sebastian Ghita would have told her later on that the document had been withdrawn at the instance of Florian Coldea.

Udrea also tackled Alina Bica topic. Close friend of hers, the former chef prosecutor of the Romanian Organized Crime and Terrorism body is currently serving a pre-trial jail sentence in a file related to illegal retrocessions. Udrea told Hotnews that Bica has been unwanted to run DIICOT from the very beginning, as she was not close to SRI’s circle. Udrea also said that DNA head, Codruta Kovesi ordered two tapping warrants to Bica and that the former DIICOT chief prosecutor was not getting any reports from the Romanian Intelligence Service.

SRI spokesperson, Sorin Sava told Agerpres in retort to Udrea’s accusations that the Service does not comment on the statements of some suspects who have been prosecuted, the more on some criminal cases that the service has substantially contributed to.

In her turn, Kovesi told Hotnews that it is not the first time that suspects are making denigrating statements against her. “I won’t comment them,” Kovesi mentioned.

As for Ghita, he replied that neither Realitatea TV nor Romania TV had contracts or any connections with Dorin Cocos, his son or his companies. “Mrs. Udrea is a defendant and she is attacking the institutions like all other defendants do. Until now, Mrs. Udrea did not know anything about the money derived from retrocessions or Microsoft and now, all of the sudden, she tells us, accusing herself, that she knows how the money was distributed,” Ghita said.

Udrea has been threatening since Friday morning she would disclose serious information about her case.

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