Ukraine announces sanctions against Senator Diana Sosoacă: “A threat to national security”


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Ukraine announced on Friday that it is initiating the imposition of sanctions against Senator Diana Sosoacă, as “a person who represents a threat to national security”. Kyiv’s reaction comes after the senator submitted a draft law demanding that Romania annex more territories of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s reaction came through the spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko, who accuses “a classic example from the book of the methodology of Russian revanchism”.

The draft law submitted by Sosoaca demanded the annexation by Romania of the following territories now part of Ukraine: Northern Bukovina, Herța, Bugeacul (Cahul, Bolgrad, Ismail), historical Maramureș and Snake Island.

“A classic example from the textbook of Russian revanchism. We strongly condemn the attempt to question the territorial integrity of Ukraine, to undermine the spirit of good neighborliness between Ukraine and Romania. The MFA of Ukraine initiates the imposition of sanctions against Diana Sosoacă as a person who represents a threat to national security“, Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Senator Diana Sosoacă retorted to the message sent by Oleg Nikolenko: “Through this vicious attack on me, Ukraine proves its character as an abusive and fascist state. Through this threat that Ukraine makes to me, I actually become in solidarity with the Romanian minority in Ukraine, which is treated by Kiev as a threat to the Ukrainian state, which is why it is systematically and programmatically abolished in a process of ethnic cleansing and forced Ukrainization reminiscent of Nazi Germany.”

“How dares Ukraine to threaten a senator of the Romanian state for a legislative proposal? Since when does Ukraine decide what happens in the Romanian Parliament? Is Romania a state occupied by Ukraine and we didn’t find out? Yes, it is true that Ukraine is the occupier of some Romanian territories that I am fighting to return to the bosom of the motherland, but since when does Kiev have the right to veto Romania’s politics? This threat of Ukraine to me shows the intention of this state to also physically eliminate those who oppose Kiev’s Nazi policies. By the statement of the Ukrainian MFA, it is clear that we have become the number one target of Ukrainian criminals. But this only confirms the justice of my legislative proposal to return to Romania the territories abusively owned by Ukraine!,” she added.

A former senator AUR, Sosoaca is known for her pro-Russian stances and her anti-Ukrainian propaganda. Through her last initiative, Sosoacă publicly supports the speech of the former president of Russia, Dimitri Medvedev, who declared as early as last summer that Romania would like to annex territories from Ukraine.

Moreover, Șoșoacă is a good friend of the Russian ambassador in Bucharest, whose invitations he honored every time. In her last visit to the Kremlin’s representation in Bucharest, the ex-AUR senator went to celebrate the “results of the special operation” in Ukraine.

The legislative initiative is part of the official lines of Moscow’s speech, which tried, after the outbreak of the war, to convince the international opinion that other states neighboring Ukraine would also like to start a conflict with it for the recovery of the territories that were, in the past, in their composition.

Diana Sosoaca triggered a huge scandal in 2021 when she, along with her husband attacked a Rai Uno team that was in Romania to make some interviews.

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