University Year starts: The F16s will be used for air police as of February, acquisition of coastal batteries to be launched, Defence Minister says

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Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, has said on Monday, during the ceremony on the start of University Year at the Military Academy in Bucharest that he has discussed with the US Defence Secretary, Jim Mattis, about the acquisition of F-16 aircraft. Fifor added that the F-16s already bought will be used for air police as of February 2019.

“We have discussed also about the programme on F-16, we want to buy the aircraft. Firstly, it is about five aircraft to be bought also from Portugal, as we did with the other 12. We have requested the support of the Defence Secretary for the aircraft to be bought from Portugal or from another allied country, the procedure is the same and the United States’ agreement is needed for the procedure to take place. I assure you that Secretary Jim Mattis has assured is the programme will receive support,” Defence Minister Mihai Fifor said on Monday.

He added that the existent F-16s will be used for air police as of February. By then the entire procedure of training will be completed and operational.

Minister Fifor has also announced that the procedure for auctions for the acquisition of mobile missile launchers, coastal batteries – a new step for the Army endowment on the eastern flank.

The value of the coastal battery purchase contract is of over USD 150 million, and Boeing is among the main companies that could get this contract, informs.

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