Update: Censure motion against the Dăncilă cabinet tabled to Parliament, vote on June 18. Any chances?


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The censure motion against the Viorica Dăncilă Government, which provides several reasons why the PSD-ALDE cabinet should be dismissed, was tabled on Wednesday to Parliament. The censure motion is signed by 173 MPs and, according to recent statements, will be voted by PNL, USR, PMP and UDMR on Tuesday, June 18.

The censure motion submitted by the opposition will be presented on Wednesday in the plenary session of the Parliament, and the debate and voting on the text of the motion will take place next Tuesday, said Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Secretary with the Chamber of Deputies. The text of the censure motion refers to the failure of organizing of elections abroad, the situation in Valea Uzului, but also the repeated attempts to issue emergency ordinances on justice issues.

Chances for the censure motion to be approved

In order to be approved, the opposition needs 233 votes. PNL, USR, PMP, Pro Romania and UDMR have voiced their will to vote in favour. However, they don’t have the number of votes needed to topple the cabinet, as PNL Deputies leader, Raluca Turcan, said.

The Parliament has 465 Deputies and Senators.

In the Chamber of Deputies: PSD – 141, PNL – 68, USR – 27, UDMR – 21, Pro Europa – 21, ALDE – 19, PMP – 12, Minorities – 17, Independents – 3.

In the Senate: PSD – 69, PNL – 25, USR – 13, ALDE – 12, UDMR – 9, Independents – 8.

Calculations reveal that, out of the 465 MPs, the PSD-ALDE coalition has 160 Deputies and 81 Senators – i.e. 241 MPs.

The Opposition has 145 Senators and Deputies (PNL, USR, PMP). If Pro Romania votes in favour of the motion, as claimed by former PM Mihai Tudose, the number of votes may increase to 166. Some independents may join in.

If UDMR joins this side with 30 MPs, the overall number reaches 196 votes. If the minorities’ MPs join in, the total number will be 213 votes.

In conclusion, in order to stand chances, the initiators need to get support from all independents (11) and at least 9 votes from PSD and ALDE.

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