Update: Constitutional Court validates May 26 referendum’s results. President Iohannis welcomes decision

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The Constitutional Court has validated, on Thursday, the results of the referendum on May 26, CCR officials said.

The sources say the five challenges regarding the procedures on organizing and conducting the referendum were rejected, ziare.com reports.

The Constitutional Court postponed, on June 12, the debate on referendum, following the filing of a challenge urging the invalidation.

The CCR decision confirms that the procedure on organization and conducting the referendum was observed and confirms its results.

Before being published by the Official Journal, the decision will be presented to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, in common plenary sitting.

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) announced the referendum results on June 3.

President Iohannis welcomes the decision

President Klaus Iohannis has welcomed the CCR decision and urges the Parliament to transpose into legislation the provisions of the National Political Agreement, initiated by him “in order to have the sovereign will of the Romanian citizens fully respected, in favour of the rule of law and against the amendments that could affect the independence of the judiciary, firmly expressed at the referendum.”

The head of state mentioned that 6.5 million Romanians have said YES at the referendum.

A Presidency release reads that “the overwhelming vote for a European and democratic Romania, with independent judiciary, was a drastic sanction against all attempts to amend the criminal legislation in order to help corrupt politicians avoid the rigor of the laws. The citizens have clearly told the current governance to give up the abusive policy of legislating by emergency ordinances.”

President Iohannis thus draws the attention that, on May 26, the citizens have categorically rejected “demagogy and anti-European diatribe of PSD-ALDE.”

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