Update: Deputy PM Daniel Constantin stripped of ALDE’s political support, to be revoked from the Government

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Who is to be proposed as deputy PM and Environment minister?

ALDE leaders decided on Sunday to strip co-chairman Daniel Constantin (former Conservative party leader) of the party’s political endorsement. As a result, Constantin might be also stripped of his positions in the Government, the one of deputy prime minister and minister of Environment. As a matter of fact, ALDE co-chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu rushed to announce that he would propose Gratiela Gavrilescu for these positions on Monday.

In retort, Daniel Constantin replied that the decision is not statutory, arguing that the ball is now in PM Grindeanu’s and PSD chairman Dragnea’s court.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu accused Daniel Constantin that he had become “a straight singer for the system and the binomial (editor note– name given by the ruling coalition to the Romanian Intelligence Service-SRI and National Anti-corruption Directorate-DNA).”

While we’ve been militating to get back to the norms of an authentic state, our colleague has become a straight singer for the system and the binomial and this is a major contradiction between the liberalism principles and a man who pretends he is a Liberal. Our roads have split,” Tariceanu stated.

In retort, Daniel Constantin said that the decision taken by this party fellowmen to withdraw his political endorsement „has nothing to do with his statute or with legality.” The Environment minister claimed that the decision is not statutory, as stripping a co-chairman of the political support can only be done within a congress.

What happened today, unfortunately for Tariceanu, has nothing to do with Liberalism. The decision will be sent to Mr. Liviu Dragnea and then to the premier. The ball is now in their court. It’s up to them if they accept a decision that has nothing to do with statute or legality,” Constantin said.

PM Grindeanu to send the President new nominations for deputy PM, Environment minister

PM Sorin Grindeanu stated on Monday morning that he would forward new minister nominations to President Iohannis.

“ALDE informed us on the political decision to withdraw Daniel Constantin’s political support, as the Government is political. I will send today the new ALDE proposals for these positions to the Presidential Administration,” the PM said after the ruling coalition meeting held at the Parliament on Sunday.

Asked about the new ALDE proposal that Gratiela Gavrilescu, current minister for the Relation with Parliament, should replace Constantin as deputy premier and Environment minister, PM Grindeanu said that Gavrilescu has been Environment minister before and has the needed expertize on this field.

However, things were more than clear since Sunday evening, as PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea stated that after Constantin losed its party’s endorsement, he cannot stay in the Government anymore, arguing the Executive is a political one.

“Unfortunately this denouement was predictable. When a party overwhelmingly decided to withdraw support of a member oft he Cabinet, he normally cannot stay in the Government anymore (…) It’s very hard for the premier to not consider this vote,” Dragnea told Antena 3.

The dispute between the two ALDE co-chairmen escalated a week ago when Calin Popescu Tariceanu disclosed that he had been practically blackmailed by the other ALDE co-chair Daniel Constantin at the previous general elections regarding certain party members who were to run for an MP seat, adding that he had conceded for otherwise the party would have risked gridlock and would have failed to file the lists.

In his turn, the other co-chairman Daniel Constantin said it is “embarrassing” that Calin Popescu Tariceanu is talking about he is being blackmailed when the lists for the general elections have been made, considering that Tariceanu would have insisted to designate persons facing law problems.


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