Update: DNA prosecution request for Eugen Bejinariu – rejected by the Chamber of Deputies. Presidency calls vote unacceptable

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The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA)’s request for criminal prosecution in the case of PSD deputy Eugen Bejinariu, former minister for th e coordination of the General Secretariat of the government, was rejected on Tuesday by the Chamber of Deputies.

There were 88 votes in favour of the request, 183 against and 2 abstentions.

“I categorically reject the allegation that I had committed abuse of office. There’s no clue in the file that I have violated any law or normative act, there is no indication that I have done knowingly something illegally on behalf of the Romanian government, in bad faith or for subjective interest. The contract between the government of Romania and Microsoft Ireland was signed on the basis of the imperative mandate of a Government Decision that forced me to sign the contract as it had been negotiated by the lawyers, as approved by the government sitting. I never thought that my professional, correct actions could be interpreted as activities going beyond the legal framework,” Deputy Eugen Bejinariu told the chamber’s plenum before voting.

The DNA has requested, since November last year, for the go ahead to start the criminal prosecution of the PSD deputy.

Two weeks ago, the Lower Chamber’s legal committee vetoed the criminal prosecution against Social Democrat MP Eugen Bejinariu, former minister. The committee passed by 16 votes to 7 and one abstention the report rejecting the criminal prosecution request.

The anti-corruption prosecutors want to take Bejinariu to court, accusing him of breaking the public procurement provisions while he was secretary general in Nastase Government. He is charged with initiating and endorsing several government decisions in December 2003 and April 2004 that Okayed a commercial contract on Microsoft licenses clinched between the Government and Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH, thus favouring the company to avoid a public sale.

Presidency: Vote in Bejinariu case proves once more disdain for Justice

Presidency spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi stated on Tuesday that Parliament’s vote on the request for the PSD deputy Eugen Bejinariu’s criminal prosecution proves the majority’s disdain for Justice.

“Today’s parliamentary vote regarding the request for PSD deputy Eugen Bejinariu’s criminal prosecution proves once again the majority’s disregard of the judiciary. It is unacceptable that some deputies and senators behave as judges and decide to block the act of justice,” Dobrovolschi said.

“The fact that the parliamentary majority does not understand to proceed according to the norms of the rule of law leads to the decrease of the citizens’ confidence in the Legislature,” concluded Dobrovolschi.

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