Update-General elections: Turnout by 20:00h of 38.65pc. President Iohannis, PM Ciolos, party leaders make statements

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The nationwide turnout in the parliamentary elections on Sunday by 20:00h was 38.65%, by 18:00h was 34.39%, by 17.00h was of 30,75.07% (5.3 million Romanians by 16.30h), by 14:00h was of 20.23%, by 12:00h was 12.47%, at 11:00 hours it stood at 8.62 percent, by 10:00h was at 5.27%, while by 9:00h was of at 2.58%, according to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC). According to BEC in Bucharest have voted some 2.14%.

40.24 percent  of the electors have cast their vote until 20:00h in Bucharest.

The highest turnout was registered in Teleorman, Botosani and Olt — more than 35%.

Turnout in Bucharest: District 1 – 66,402; District 2 – 91,327;  Dictrict 3 – 102,466; District 4 – 76,106; Dictrict 5 – 61,058; District 6 – 98,694.

The Central Electoral Bureau will provide the information on the turnout live on the online platforms: http://prezenta.bec.ro/ and http://radar.ithub.gov.ro/.

President Iohannis: I voted for a prosperous, powerful Romania

President Klaus Iohannis has stated that he has voted in the parliamentary elections for a prosperous and powerful Romania and has reiterated his call for Romanians to turn out to the polls, Agerpres informs.

“Personally, I voted for a prosperous and powerful Romania,” said the head of state, on Sunday, at the polling station at the Jean Monnet High school in Bucharest.

The head of state also urged Romanians to turn out to the polls.

“Today is an important day, election day, we are voting for Romania’s Parliament, a vote that decides what happens in Romania in the next four years. I invite you all to go out and vote,” said Iohannis.

PM Ciolos: It is of utmost importance that people come to the polls

After casting his vote in Zalau, PM Dacian Ciolos has stated that those entitled to criticize what will happen during the next four years are those who cast their votes.

“It is of utmost importance that as much people turn to the polls, irrespective of their political options, so that the results are representative. The voters can send a message to those who will lead Romania for the next four years. (…) The right to vote, to choose our representatives, was hard won in Romanian history and I believe it is important not to disregard it. I look especially to the younger generation, to those who say ‘if things go wrong in the country, I will leave’. I believe we all have the duty to push the country forward before thinking at something else,” Ciolos said.

SocDem chair Liviu Dragnea: I voted for economic growth, for competent ruling

After exiting the polls, Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea said he has voted for “competent and responsible ruling,” voicing his confidence that Romanians will turn out in high numbers to the polls and make the difference “between reality and mere words.”

“I voted today for economic growth, for jobs, for more money in the Romanians’ pockets, for higher pensions and salaries, to quickly improve the situation in the healthcare and education systems and to give render dignity to doctors and to teachers, for lower taxes and tariffs and to support businessmen, so that youngsters in Romania have better paid jobs, so that they can buy a house, for a program to bring back to life the Romanian village (…) I want Romanians to feel at home in their country and Romania be a good home for all, not only for part of them. I voted for competent and responsible ruling that could do these things starting tomorrow. Not from now on,” Dragnea states, after voting in Turnu Magurele around 9.30 AM.

PNL chairwoman Alina Gorghiu: I voted for hope and normality, not for resignation

The chairwoman of the National Liberal Party Alina Gorghiu cast her vote in Timisoara, stating that she has voted for “normality, for hope, and not for resignation”. She added she hasn’t cast her vote as a politician, but as “an ordinary person” for her child, family and acquaintances.

“I am voting for realist solutions and not for fantasies and I would like very much to see that today any strategy related to abstenteeism is apparent. I appeal to all youngsters to take their parents, friends, relatives, lovers to the polls and to come and vote for Romania’s future as they would like it to be, normal, fair, chance giving,” Alina Gorghiu stated.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, ALDE co-chair: A vote for Romanai to regain its identity

Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu has cast his vote at the Polling Station no. 1212 in Bucharest.

He pointed out that the Sunday vote represents a major moment for the development of the country and a moment which can “give Romania back to Romanians.” “I think that we are in a very important moment for Romania’s development, for the future progress in the direction of democracy, in the sense of observing the rights and the freedoms. I want Romania regains its identity, dignity and national interest through this vote, for everyone’s prosperity. My belief is that through this vote we can give Romania back to Romanians,” Tariceanu said.

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea cast her vote at Tudor Vianu College in Bucharest in the morning, saying that she has voted for a parliamentary majority that should endorse a Government that is careful to Bucharest’s problems.

Firea also revealed she has been disturbed by the fact that the head of the polling station hasn’t allowed the journalists in the room when she cast her vote.

Nicusor Dan, USR: Today will be  a historical day

Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Nicusor Dan voted in Bucharest, voicing his conviction that today will be a historical day for Romania.

“I have voted for a new political class, I have voted for another way to go in for politics, I have voted for a better future for all Romanians (…) I have the belief that today will be a historical day for Romania. (…) I am convinced that we have the chance of a better future, and from the information I have, from the interactions I had with the people, both me, as well as my colleagues in the counties, I am convinced that it will be a great day for Romania,” Nicusor Dan stated.

Ex-president Traian Basescu vote for “an efficient gov’t”

The PMP chairman, former president Traian Basescu, has cast his vote together with his wife, Maria Basescu, stating that he has voted for an efficient government following elections.

“First of all, I voted thinking that we’ll have an efficient government after these elections. Efficient in using the European funds, for instance, that would create jobs. I voted with the thought of a government that should generate policies on three major fields where Romania might face difficulties in the future if we don’t do anything: birth rate, education, healthcare,” said Basescu. He added that he also voted for a parliamentary majority that should not try to put the judiciary under political control.

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