Update: Gov’t reshuffle or restructuring ahead? PSD National Executive Committee’s sitting set for January 8

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Social-democrat Executive Chairman Niculae Bădălău has told Digi24 TV private broadcaster that the Tudose cabinet could be restructured and the Government could have only 16 ministries, down from 24 currently. On the other hand, Niculae Bădălău, believed to be one of the close characters to PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea, says an extraordinary congress of the party would be beneficial.

Bădălău said the soon expected PSD National Executive Committee will decide if a Government reshuffle or restructuring is needed and if a congress would be beneficial.

“There was a discussion, a public statement by Chairman Dragnea, as he said we envisage the restructuring of ministries. Government reorganisation means actually this. Probably, the Ministry for Waters will merge with the Environment Ministry, as it was for some time,” Badalau said recently.

The same source informs that the PSD leaders consider that an extraordinary congress would sort out the increasing conflict between Liviu Dragnea and PM Mihai Tudose.

On December 29, PM Tudose signed an emergency ordinance enabling Deputy PM Marcel Ciolacu to appoint state secretaries and advisers. PSD sources have told ‘Adevarul’ newspaper this is a message sent by Mihai Tudose to the party, that Ciolacu is on his side in the confrontation against Liviu Dragnea. The source claims Ciolacu was sent by Dragnea to the Government in order to supervise Tudose.

As far as PM Mihai Tudose is concerned, social-democrat sources say he wants fewer ministries, but PSD leader Dragnea is against.

On Wednesday, Liviu Dragnea posted a message on Facebook, reading that the resigned Minister of Waters and Forests, Doina Pana, will be replaced by another social-democrat, hinting, according to analysts, that he is not eager to conduct a Government restructuring.

The tensions within PSD seem to rise, as social-democrat sources claim that PM Tudose has announced the party he wants a Government restructuring. He has recently avoided to say whether he wants an extraordinary congress, but said “at anytime, a doctrinaire discussion in the party is welcome. If it will take place, when, if it is necessary… we’ll announce,” Tudose said.

Sources quoted by hotnews.ro say that Prime Minister Mihai Tudose wants Government restructuring, not just reshuffling, because a change in the Government structure involves a vote of confidence in Parliament, which would render more complicated for Liviu Dragnea to take him out of office, as in Sorin Grindeanu’s case. Moreover, the ministers aimed by the restructuring would be Dragnea’s people, the same sources say.

On the other hand, the same PSD sources say the next sitting of the National Executive Committee has been set for Monday, January 8, at 14.00h, in order to decide who will replace Minister Doina Pana.

In his turn, Deputy PM Paul Stanescu claims restructuring is excluded, and that a merger of ministries is inopportune.


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