Update – Gov’t spokesman: Metropolitan Hospital to be completed in… 20 years. Firea: Deadline is 3 years, blames technicality

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The Bucharest Metropolitan Hospital has a deadline of maximum 20 years, Government spokesman, Nelu Barbu, said on Wednesday, at the end of the Government sitting.

The announcement was made as the Executive approved, by Emergency Ordinance, the transfer of a plot of land in Northern Bucharest from the state’s public domain and the management of Public television to the public domain of Bucharest Municipality, for the purpose of building the Metropolitan Hospital. The transfer follows the repeated requests coming from the Bucharest City Hall, hotnews.ro reports.

“The plot of land for the Metropolitan Hospital has a surface of 47,000 square metres, is on Pipera road in District 2 and is transferred from the state’s public domain and Public Television’s management to the public domain of Bucharest Municipality, the deadline for completing the investment is maximum 20 years,” Nelu Barbu said.

Asked if the deadline is indeed 20 years, Nelu Barbu said “that’s what the normative act reads.”

Hours later, Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea, said on Thursday that the Metropolitan Hospital will be built in a decent timeframe, within three years from the commencement of the works, and not in 20 years.

“Less than 24 hours since we’ve learned, with great joy, that the Government of Romania has given us some of the land necessary for the construction of the Metropolitan Hospital, I have to make a series of specifications for those who have taken over, in ill faith, a ‘technical’ information, i.e. the 20-year period for which this land was transferred to the City Hall. It is in fact about the Ministry of Public Finance, which manages the entire state patrimony, and which, for bureaucratic reasons, has to issue a deadline for this transfer and included the 20-year term as a safety measure. I would point out once again that the Metropolitan Hospital will be built within a decent, reasonable timeframe, that is 3 years after the order to start the works, this is the duration for the construction of a hospital with 1,000-1,200 beds, and not in 20 years, as stipulated by the Ministry of Public Finance,” Bucharest Mayor. Gabriela Firea, said.

Gabriela Firea added that the City Hall has already started the pre-feasibility study, which costs EUR 50 million. The next step will be the feasibility study and then a decision taken by the General Council of the City of Bucharest.”

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