Update: Misleading statements: PM Dancila, fresh diplomatic blunder during visit in Montenegro. Agriculture Minister apologizes for saying pigs are slaughtered like in Auschwitz

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Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, has made a fresh blunder on Wednesday, during the visit paid in Montenegro, this time a diplomatic one. While in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, Dancila said during the press conference she is glad to be in Pristina, capital of Kosovo.

I am glad to be here, in Pristina, during my first visit to Montenegro,” the speech began.

Romania has not recognized Kosovo as state. The translator rectified the error, the media inform.

In a comment for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster, Adrian Dobre, former State Secretary and PSD spokesman, said the blunder is a serious one, which could have diplomatic consequences.

It is a blunder that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, the Balkans area has countless historic sensibilities, I could say a genetic burden in terms of regional policy,” he said.

Romania Together Movement, PNL request minister Daea’s resignation

In another development, another member of the Government, Agriculture Minister Petre Daea, made a controversial statement on Wednesday, by comparing the slaughtering of pigs due to African swine fever with what happened in Auschwitz.

We need to slaughter, unfortunately, some 45,000 pigs from Carniprod and if the virus hits another complex, this means 17,000-18,000 more pigs to be slaughtered. There is no antidote, no vaccine, no medicine, the only way is to slaughter the pigs. The pigs are incinerated, it’s terrible work. It’s like in Auschwitz. The pigs are put down, the on the other side are incinerated, veterinarians are at the limit of resistance, to have 2,000-3,000 pigs to be slaughtered every day,” the minister said.

Following this statement, the Romania Together Movement, led by former PM Dacian Ciolos, has called for the resignation of Agriculture Minister.

It is inadmissible that a minister of Romanian Government compares the slaughter of pigs with the Holocaust, a world tragedy condemned by Romania. Minister Daea’s message is beyond reason, we request his resignation or his dismissal.  Sometimes superficiality may be amusing, but in this case it is about lack of reason,” a release from the party reads.

In turn, PNL spokesma, Ionel Danca said on Thursday that Petre Daea should publicly apologize to the victims of Holocaust or to resign.

Today, at the first hour, Petre Daea should have submitted the resignation and to publicly apologize to the victims of Holocaust. If not, we urge Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to urgently dismiss him. The comparison made between the victims in Auschwitz and the incineration of animals is intolerable and needs to be publicly sanctioned immediately,” Ionel Danca wrote on Facebook.

Minister Daea apologizes, CNCD – notified ex-officio

Minister Daea apologized on Thursday for the comparison between Holocaust and the consequences of African swine fever, stressing he had no intention to offend anyone, but to express the farmers’ grief.

“I state all my respect for all the members of the Jewish community and I stress I’ve only wanted to show the terrible situation pig breeders are facing now due to the African swine fever. My soul is burdened, I only wanted to express the terrifying moment our farmers have to cope with as well as those who manage the crisis. God forbid, I’ve never offended anyone in my life, I love my fellowmen, I’ve only expressed my grief and I hope I will be understood,” Minister Petre Daea said.

The National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) has notified ex-officio regarding the statements made by Minister Petre Daea. CNCD President, Asztalos Csaba, said on Thursday the minister will be invited for hearings next week.


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