Update: Opposition parties request the resignation of public television chief in so-called ‘pig head’ scandal. TVR’s news reporters take stand against the managers


Save Romania Union (USR) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) request the resignation of the public television (TVR) chief, Doina Gradea, accused by journalists of putting pressure on the employees.

Disclosures by Dragos Patraru and Catalin Tolontan, quoted by realitatea.net, say that Doina Gradea believes the public television employees should be grateful to the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) for the larger budget this year and suggests editorial freedom is negotiable when the ruling coalition approves the public television’s funding.

The disclosures on Thursday show that a TVR reported was insulted by Director General, Doina Gradea (photo right), because she had asked uncomfortable questions to Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea.

The recordings show that Gradea said the employees should be ‘cut’ because they ignore their interest, they are ‘natural born haters’ who hit at the ones having the power and who give them money. TVR’s ‘interest’ is to respond to PSD demands, because PSD grants the budget, is the conclusion drawn by realitatea.net.

An appeal signed by USR leader, Dan Barna, and Romania Together Movement reads that “we consider that editorial pressures at the public television should cease immediately and Director General, Doina Gradea, should resign as she has chosen to serve the political power to the detriment of correctly informing the public opinion.”

PNL spokesman, Ionel Danca, has announced in turn that the Liberals demand TVR chief’s resignation, adding that, if she does not resign, PNL would summon her in Parliament for explanations.

One of the disclosures, posted by Catalin Tolontan, reads that “among other things, Gradea offers the example of a TVR news reporter, a girl she does not like in terms of looks and work. Nervous, Gradea tells the person whom she speaks to about the way ‘pig head’ (as the journalist is called) had asked Gabriela Firea the same question four times.”

Tens of TVR journalists stand in solidarity with the reported offended by manager Gradea

Tens of journalists working at the TVR news department have signed a letter on Thursday evening, addressed to the broadcaster’s management, voicing their indignation at Doina Gradea’s language and injuries against their colleague.

We, the journalists from the TVR News Department are astonished and outraged by the language used by the president-general director Doina Gradea against a reporter and against the editorial office in general. We ask Mrs. PDG to apologize to our colleague, who is an honest and professional journalist, and who acted in the public interest.

At the same time, we voice our concern with the contempt that Mrs. Doina Gradea and Mr. Eduard Dârvariu are showing to the public television’s principles and mission, in a media environment that is increasingly difficult and lacking any rules,” the letter says.

We assure Mrs. Doina Gradea that we are not natural born haters; we are just trying to do our job and to respect the audience, although it’s not easy most of the times. On the World Press Freedom Day, but not only with this occasion, we assure our viewers that we’ll keep on presenting the profession’s rules, the TVR mission and the public interest and we will not be intimidated,” concludes the letter signed by tens of journalists, including many renowned reporters and editors of the public broadcaster such as Ramona Avramescu, Adelin Petrisor, Mihai Radulescu, Alex Costache or Mihai Constantin.

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