Update: PM Dancila greeted in Alba Iulia: ‘Resign! Shame on you!’ Gov’t decides on wages for some employees, adopts message on Centenary


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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila was welcomed in Alba Iulia on Thursday by protesters, who chanted: “Resignation! Shame on you!”

The incident took place before the ceremony involving PM Dancila of laying a wreath of flowers at the statue of Michael the Brave in Alba Iulia, hotnews.ro reports.

PM Dancila was to visit the Union Monument in Alba Iulia before the Government sitting.

The Government decided, during the solemn sitting in Alba Iulia, that the minimum wage in constructions will reach RON 3,000, with the elimination of labour taxes for the employer, so that the minimum net wage in this sector is equal to EUR 500. Additional measures will be made to combat the labour black market. A guarantee fund for construction, with the state’s participation in a 80% share and construction companies in a 20% share.

On the other hand, the teachers will receive two more gross wages per year for personal development and didactic materials. Teachers in rural areas will also benefit from an installation bonus amounting to three average wages.

PM Viorica Dancila said that “teachers with seniority of at least 30 years, will benefit when retiring from six average gross wages.”

The Government sitting had on the agenda two emergency ordinances regarding the Centennial schedule and granting of indemnities to invalids, war veterans and widows of war and two draft decisions.

The Romanian Government has had a solemn sitting at 10.00h in the Union Hall in Alba Iulia. Last week, the Premier was criticized for organizing a working lunch in the Throne Room at the former Royal Palace in Bucharest, the same place where, in 1918, the union of Transylvania with Romania had been proclaimed. The hall is under a process of rehabilitation since the spring of 2018 and is closed to the public. The hall can be visited during December 1-2.

Message adopted by the Gov’t on Centenary

A message adopted by the Government on Thursday, signed by PM Dancila, reads that a new century of real unity is open, for full and brotherly harmony, in tolerance and good neighborhood.

“We have the duty to defend and enrich the thesaurus of the Great Union received from our forefathers, for the future that lies ahead of us. We thus call, on the Centenary, all the Romanians to continue the building of the Greater Romania cathedral. (…) We call the entire nation to open the new century of real unity, in full and brotherly harmony, in tolerance and good neighborhood,” the resolution reads.

“With the same humbleness showed a century ago by the signatories of the Resolution in 1918, we pay homage today to all our brave heroes who have made possible the Great Union and to all martyrs who defended it in the years that followed. (…) The Romanian state has to further defend the welfare of our brothers for the good of our Romanian nation. (…) Our duty, the ones living today, it to invest more in issues that can make us better, in our education, in our health, in the development of the infrastructure of a country with beauties and wealth we take pride in. We strongly believe Romania will be better, more democratic and more prosperous at the time of meeting the new centenary, through the effort of all Romanians! Happy anniversary, Romania!” the resolution concludes.

photo: gov.ro


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