Update: PNL’s Orban claims PSD wants Darius Valcov in charge of BNR. Central bank spokesman says bank’s specialists need professional leadership

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PNL leader Ludovic Orban says that any attack against the National Bank shows one thing – that PSD want to take over BNR and offender Liviu Dragnea wants to place offender Darius Valcov at the helm of the central bank.

“It’s obvious that offender Darius Valcov dreams of gold bullions. PNL rejects all the attacks from the governing party and of others using black money against BNR,” Ludovic Orban said on Tuesday, hotnews.ro reports.

He added that PSD has started an ‘infamous attack against BNR’ and the governance is to blame for the national currency depreciation.

“PSD is conducting a despicable misinformation, based on the fact that Romanians are not aware of the market economy law, blaming BNR for everything related to the fall of the national currency. PNL’s message is clear: the only ones to blame to the national currency’s depreciation, for the ROBOR increase, for all economic imbalances, are those who govern Romania, who do this out of villainy or of stupidity. I increasingly believe they do it out of bad faith, against Romania’s fundamental interests. The only ones to blame are those who govern. They are bringing the economy to the ground,” Orban said.

Would BNR Governor aim a new term?

BNR spokesman Dan Suciu said Tuesday evening he does not know if Darius Valcov is suited for the position of central bank Governor.

“I have no idea. I believe there are hundreds of specialists in the bank who deserve professional leadership. I have nothing to say about his capabilities to run a professional leadership,” Dan Suciu said for Realitatea TV private broadcaster,

“Mr. Valcos expressed an opinion, his personal opinion. At a certain moment all of us should leave the position for others. I don’t know when that moment would be. The Parliament is the one to decide, regarding the Board. The decision will be observed by all Board members when is expressed clearly,” Suciu added.

He argued that BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu has not expressed his intention regarding the possibility to run again for the BNR top position.

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