Update: President Iohannis signs decree extending Kovesi’s term as DNA head

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Update: According to the reinvestment decree signed by President Klaus Iohannis on Thurday, Kovesi’s second term at the helm of the National Anti-corruption Directorate starts on May 16th.

President Klaus Iohannis informed at the public broadcaster on Wednesday that he had signed the decree appointing Laura Codruta Kovesi for a new term at the helm of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), while reiterating his appreciation for the activity of the anti-corruption chief prosecutor.

The results of the DNA during the past years and in 2015 are impressive (….) I am very content with the results, with the approach and I have all confidence that DNA will go on in force,” Iohannis said when asked about the Black Cube spying scandal.

He also expressed confidence that the organized crime prosecutors will puzzle out the scandal related to the intimidation attempt of the DNA head.

Considering it’s an ongoing investigation, even if I have a little more information I won’t go into details, but I can say very clearly that I have all confidence that DIICOT prosecutors will puzzle out this affair, and regarding Mrs. Kovesi, I have no doubt or uncertainty about her,” the Romanian president pointed out.

Political consultations on national security laws

The President also informed during the TVR show that he would invite the political parties for consultations on national security laws on Tuesday and Wednesday, arguing that these issues “are getting more and more burning.”

I proposed finding out the political parties’ opinion. I won’t delay this process anymore,” the head of state stressed.

Klaus Iohannis argued that chance and the professionalism of the domestic intelligence services have kept Romania away from terror attacks so far, but underlined that laws must be updated or the old legislation should be replaced by “a better one here and there.” According to him, the invitations will be sent on Thursday and he will discuss the matter also with PM Ciolos on Monday.

21 new ambassador proposals

Klaus Iohannis revealed that the Presidential Administration would forward 21 ambassadors proposals in Parliament on Thursday, among whom there are the proposals for the Romanian ambassador in London, Chisinau and Budapest.

Asked to confirm rumours about the appointment of his aide Dan Mihalache as ambassador to UK, President Iohannis confirmed he is the proposal to take over the mission in London. The proposal for the ambassador office to the Republic of Moldova is Daniel Ionita, former secretary of state within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the former ambassador in Chisinau, Marius Lazurca is proposed to go to Budapest.

Early this week, President Iohannis signed the decrees recalling 14 Romanian ambassadors accredited abroad, among whom those in Ukraine, R. Moldova, Turkey, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

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