Update: President Iohannis slams PSD’ s censure motion intention

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President Klaus Iohannis said that the censure motion announced by PSD has no ground and that it is an action lacking “common sense”. He accused the Social Democrats that they “are rioting for the sake of scandal, to catch a few more votes”.

“The motion is a purely formal tool of the Opposition, but to come up with a censure motion or to threat with one in a health crisis situation, it is totally wring and lacking all grounds and common sense. Accusations are unfounded”, Iohannis said today.

He argued that there are no reasons to dismiss the Government, which “has a healthy economic thinking”.
“Why would you topple down the Government? For taking the necessary measures in due time? For managing to prevent the epidemic from expanding? For coming up with measures for reviving the economy that have proved results? It seems to me such an action is pointless and lacks political common sense”, the head of state added.
Iohannis also said that “PSD is inducing uncertainty among the citizens, at a time when people must be sure that the things did by authorities are the right ones, and to observe the imposed rules”.

PSD interim chairman Marcel Ciolacu had announced on Wednesday that its party will file a censure motion against the current Liberal Cabinet immediately after the state of alert ends.

Ciolacu added that PSD will also notify the Constitutional Court on “the Orban Government’s abuse of power”.

“The biggest abuse of power that occurred in Romania, namely to avoid the Parliament on such an issue as restricting the Romanians’ rights and liberties. We’ll refer the CCR on such an abuse. Also, starting today, the PSD lawmakers are working on a censure motion that we want to file the second day the state of alert is over.

This is the PSD’s decision against the abuse made by Ludovic Orban to the Romanian Parliament“, Ciolacu stated.

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