Update: President Iohannis travels to Ploiesti by train

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President Klaus Iohannis has taken the train to Ploiesti on Wednesday, where he is to attend the debate “Romania’s cities 100 years after the Great Union”.

On the way to Ploiesti, to discuss about the smart future of the cities in Romania”, the President posted on his Facebook page, next to a photo featuring him in the train. It’s for the first time Iohannis is taking the train for an official ride since he is the Romanian president.

After arriving in Ploiesti, the President told the journalists he had a pleasant ride.

It’s been a while since I have taken the train, I wanted to personally see how it runs. I wanted to send a signal about the mobility need. We all want to have a modern European country, and mobility is part of it. Things are reasonable on the Ploiesti-Bucharest route, but I couldn’t go from Bucharest to Sibiu, it would take too long,” the head of state said.

Asked if he bought a ticket and how much was it, Iohannis answered: “Of course, I bought a ticket, how can you think I could go without ticket? It cost around RON 26, for the first class.”

A week ago, the Presidency’s spokesperson said the debate in Ploiesti is held as we approach the anniversary of the Great Union’s centennial.

“The debate takes place as we get near the year of the Great Union Centennial. It’s an important occasion when we can draw the line and review Romania’s place at this moment, to see what is the development stage of the Romanian communities, but it is also an important opportunity for the elected officials to inform citizens about the perspectives that they are considering to develop Romania’s rural and urban regions in the upcoming period. These issues will be discussed by the President with the mayor of Ploiesti, with the local authorities, representatives of the academic and business environment, and with the locals involved in various projects for the community,” the President’s spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi announced on November 14.

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