Update: President Klaus Iohannis notifies Constitutional Court on the law eliminating 102 taxes


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President Klaus Iohannis has notified the Constitutional Court (CCR) on Tuesday regarding the law that eliminates 102 non-fiscal levies, including the radio and TV fee, arguing that the normative act violates several articles of the constitution.

The Constitutional Court announced that it would discuss the President’s notification on December 14.

According to the notification sent by the Presidential Administration, the law violates the constitutional rules regarding the principles of separation of powers and of legality, the Parliament’s relations with the government, the role of government and the norms governing the national budget.

President Iohannis says the lawmakers should have specifically identified the source of funding required for the law enforcement. The law also lacks predictability and consistency, since it does not include legislative solutions on all the effects the measures will produce.

In arguing the decision from Cotroceni, it is said that the mere communication of the budgetary impact made by the Ministry of Finance during the debate in the plenum of the first chamber does not represent a full and unequivocal report made by the Government, so that the Senate adopts this law by observing the Constitution’s requirements.

The Presidential Administration states that the bill on elimination of taxes and tariffs violates including the provisions of the law on fiscal responsibility for approving the limits for indicators specified in the fiscal-budgetary framework for 2016.

“Given that the law subject to constitutional review does not include a deadline after entry into force, the measures will produce immediate consequences, the implementation of the state budget execution being affected. The law also includes measures to lead to the increasing of direct and indirect budget expenditures, and measures to reduce the budget revenues, which attract the provisions of article 15 and article 21 of the Fiscal Responsibility Law no 69/2010. The requirements coming from these two articles aim at ensuring and maintaining the fiscal-budgetary discipline,” reads the Presidency’s decision.

The Head of State said last week, during a debate, that the radio-TV fee is not just a technical issue and that it makes the difference between public television and radio and state television and radio.

PSD’s Liviu Dragnea – the law is necessary

Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea has reacted on Tuesday, on his Facebook page, to the President’s decision to notify the Constitutional Court on the law that eliminates 102 non-fiscal levies.

“Before resorting to such methods regarding the law by which we eliminated 102 levies, Klaus Iohannis should have gone to see Romanians staying in line to pay one of these taxes. He would have understood the law is good and necessary. Klaus Iohannis does not live among Romanians and does not understand why people lose dozens of hours to pay these non-fiscal levies. The president is humiliating the Romanians, the motivations for which he is sending the law to the CCR are exclusively political. I assure you that, from now on, we will do everything in line with the law to bring this bill into force. It is the only way for Romanians to be part of the middle class,” the PSD leader wrote.

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