Update: PSD asks for investigation on alleged foreign financing of August 10 protests


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The Social Democrat Party (PSD) has asked the state institutions on Tuesday to urgently investigate the information claimed in the public space on an alleged foreign financing of the Diaspora rally on August 10 and on a premeditation of the violent actions from the protest meeting.

PSD asks state institutions to urgently investigate the information of an exceptional gravity that has been released in the public space on the foreign financing of the street protests and premeditation of the violent actions during the meeting on August 10. Romania’s citizens, particularly the good faith protesters, have the right to know the whole truth behind these street protests, who are the authors of the public manipulation and intoxication, who paid and what is the real purpose,” reads a press release issued by the ruling party.

PSD considers that the information in the mass media on the August 10 rally „contains reasonable indication of subversive actions meant to make the national security and the authority of the Romanian state vulnerable”.

Such matters must be investigated by the prosecution bodies. It is not a political dispute, but a major risk targeting Romania”, the release further says.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, has stated in a TV show on Sunday that public information will be released in the coming days showing that the protests of August 10 had been financed from abroad, and protesters had been very well organized and a coup d’etat had been attempted.

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Interior Ministry’s secretary of state denies foreign financing information

Secretary of state within the Interior Ministry, Gheorghe Nucu Marin has been heard at the Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday, stating that he has no information that the rally would have been financed from abroad.

Asked if he has information that the Diaspora rally would have been financed from abroad, Marin replied: “No, absolutely no. In my view, there has not been something decided in other way”.

The secretary of state also said the Interior minister had not asked for his opinion regarding the intervention in Victoriei Square on August 10, adding that the Gendarmerie’s representatives had not come to the ministry during the rally, yet saying there have been meetings to prepare the police force before the protest.

ALDE’s Tariceanu: I don’t have concrete elements

Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, also chairman of ALDE, PSD’s ruling partner, said that he had no concrete elements pointing to a foreign financing of the August 10 protest.

“Most of the protesters had no common claims. There was any claim at all, but they had come to attend a sort of mundane or modern show,” Tariceanu said, adding that this aspect made him wonder if “there could be something behind”.

“I ask these questions to myself, along with many analysts, but I don’t have any concrete element in this regard,” he said.

Motion against Interior minister  on the Chamber’s agenda

The Chamber of Deputies will debate the Opposition’s simple motion about the Gendarmerie’s intervention in force during the Diaspora rally today afternoon. 67 deputies from the Opposition parties are asking for the resignation of the Interior minister Carmen Dan for the Gendarmerie’s intervention during the Diaspora protests.

According to the motion entitled „PSD batons over the Romanian democracy’s face”, the gendarmes subordinated to the Interior minister have intervened during the anti-government rally on August 10 against rules, with the „hidden indicative” have used „forbidden conduct (head blows), have acted against „a peaceful majority of protesters” and have intervened „based on an order which was not legal during the intervention”.

Moreover, Interior minister Carmen Dan is accused of acting „at a political command”.

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