Update: PSD chair Dragnea says a man known worldwide tried to assassinate him: “Four foreigners came to Romania”

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Chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Tuesday evening that there was a murder attempt against him last year and four foreign citizens came to Romania to assassinate him, at the initiative of a man famous worldwide.

I had an attempt last year, in April. I don’t want to recount, because it is not the case. Four foreigners came to Romania, they were accommodated at Athenee Palace, however, I got away. But it doesn’t mean I will hire a guard. Yes (they got to me),” Dragnea said.

He added he knows who is behind, but he won’t make the name public.

We are in a mafia state. The parallel stat is mafia. I know it was investigated, I don’t know what happened further. I cannot reveal who paid the men. Yes, a man very famous worldwide. No, I am not thinking about him (Soros). He is thinking of me,” Dragnea stated.

Diaspora rally – coup d’etat attempt, Dragnea says

As for the Diaspora rally on August 10, the SocDem leader said it was a failed coup d’etat attempt, also slamming the attitude of President Klaus Iohannis related to the events, by calling it ‘irresponsible’.

So, it was a very specific militarily organization. This is what I saw. A coup d’etat attempt (…) What Iohannis did with that Facebook post, which was irresponsible from a head of state, to discourage the gendarmes, who acted by the law, and you still incite to violence, precisely at the moment when that girl was on the verge of being lynched by those brutes,” the PSD chairman said.

He also accused some foreign companies that are financing the #rezist actions and are urging their employees to protest.

The Social Democrat leader also lashed out against the Romanian Intelligence Service director, Eduard Hellvig, saying he doesn’t master those who are and were part of the parallel state. Dragnea added that the intelligence services have too much information also from the areas that are not under their authority.


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