Update: PSD Executive Chairman says referendum on monarchy is an option. Tariceanu: debates are needed

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Social-democrat Executive Chairman, Niculae Badalau, has said on Monday the possibility to call a referendum on monarchy is an option, so that the Romanian people can be asked if the state should be republic or monarchy, adding that PSD does not exclude such a referendum in the near future.

Asked about a draft bill regarding the Royal House should be debated in Parliament in emergency procedure, Badalau said: “It should be discussed, given that I have seen in the media that there are very many supporters, it could be a referendum on presidency-monarchy, everything is possible.”

Badalau said he is a republican and he knows monarchy only from the history books.

“I believe the people could be asked about this issue. It’s not a bad thing, given that the countries with monarchies are developed countries,” Badalau added.

He said this could be a project for the future, on which politicians, the president and other factors should sit down at the table and discuss, this is not a project to be discussed in the street.

PSD does not exclude that such a referendum could take place, Badalau said.

“We, in the party, do not exclude, at least I do not exclude it. I have talked with many of my colleagues, it’s normal to ask the people. I haven’t talked with the party chairman in this topic,” Badalau said.

Senate Speaker Tariceanu: Debates are needed before a referendum

Senate Speaker and ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu says he is a well known supporter of the monarchy, but before making a decision, debates are needed.

“Debates are needed before organising a referendum, we need to weigh very well the arguments. I believe that lately the sympathy for the Royal House has increased, ever since 2011, when King Michael had the speech in Parliament, as well as the Romanians’ confidence in constitutional monarchy. (…) If the issue becomes of interest, we can start the talks next year,” Tariceanu said.

His arguments are that the political power is divided between the Executive and the President, which led to conflicts. He added that constitutional monarchy has the advantage that the monarch is above the political game and political parties.

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