Update – PSD spokesman: There is no agenda to suspend President Iohannis. PNL’s Orban claimed procedures scheduled for next week

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The Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has not discussed‘timing’ on a alleged suspension of President Klaus Iohannis (photo 1), Adrian Dobre (photo 2), PSD spokesman, said for RFI on Friday. The statement comes as on Thursday, PNL leader, Ludovic Orban, said that PSD is ready to start the suspension procedures against Klaus Iohannis next week.

“I don’t know where from Ludovic Orban has the information. We haven’t discussed about timing or about concrete sanctions. Actually we said that, from our viewpoint, no one can be above the law, not even the President of Romania, who should observe the Constitutional Court decisions and the Romanian Constitution,” Dobre said.

The PSD spokesman said “any political or legal action to make the President observe the Constitution would be welcome, but no deadline has been set, no schedule and no concrete action. So, in regard to the statement made by Mr. Ludovic Orban, please consider it as pamphlet.”

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman, Ludovic Orban (photo 3), claimed on Thursday that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea will start the procedure to suspend President Klaus Iohannis next week.

“A sitting has taken place to decide on this issue. There are signals the parliamentary majority is getting mobilized.  Suspension is part of the impeachment procedure. I believe no Constitutional Court in the world would accept the disbanding of the presidential office. Such a political decision risks leading to an unprecedented crisis in Romania, to lead to social convulsions. The tension in society is already at concerning levels, whereas the start of the suspension procedure risks generating an escalation in terms of society division and social convulsions. This political crisis would seriously affect Romania’s image in the world. The anti-European actions against democracy, against the norms of rule of law have led to a very negative image,” Ludovic Orban said, according to antena3.ro.

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