Update: PSD’s Dragnea says Criminal Codes should come into force as soon as possible, DNA continues abuses. President Iohannis – a ‘puppet’

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Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea said the Criminal Codes should come into force as soon as possible.

“They should come into force as soon as possible, the Criminal Codes. I believe the Justice Minister, within a reasonable timeframe, should present them to the Premier to be adopted by ordinance. The game of challenging everything to the Constitutional Court cannot last forever,” Dragnea said for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster Thursday evening.

“I have appreciation for the Justice Minister, but time comes when appreciation can no longer compensate the lack of decision. These are political decisions to be made by the ruling coalition. The codes are not made for me,” the PSD chairman said, adding that this is a major objective, the country cannot be blocked and neither the system, the right to a fair trial.

Referring to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), Dragnea said now more abuses take place than before.

“Kovesi (former DNA chief prosecutor – our note) used to say ‘we are the DNA’. This was, in fact, their concept, of underground structures, the parallel state, ‘we are above the law’. Where is Kovesi now? She still leads the DNA and the Prosecutor General’s Office, she has several meetings per week with Lazar (Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar – our note). She is still there with the High Court. The structure is the same, many things have been revealed. Now there are more abuses made by DNA than before. Now, with the lawyers present, they shout, threaten the suspects, they don’t care. Maybe we could complete the process we’ve started and I hope that 2019 will be the year of truth,” Liviu Dragnea said.

He added that there are thousands or hundreds of people illegally sentenced.

“I am interested only in remaining alive, free, to keep the coalition going. To complete the process. I’ve announced I have the hope to destroy this underground system, the parallel state, the occult system. The chances are high,” he said.

It’s not Klaus Iohannis the one who leads the parallel state, he is a ‘puppet’

Dragnea further said that the parallel state is not led by President Klaus Iohannis.

“It’s not Iohannis the one who leads the parallel state. He is a puppet. A beneficiary. It seems Pahontu is leading (SPP chief – our note),” he said, adding that the targets of the occult system are to maintain control over state institutions and to illegally obtain money.

“Pahontu believes there are several political leaders who should be blocked, sentenced. He supports the press division to make scandal, to say it’s not the truth. I hope that by the end of the summer session things will be completed and we see the truth. (…) I believe there are still judges afraid of SRI, DNA. I understand there are five or six who try to block the special section to investigate the magistrates,” Dragnea said.

He accuses the head of state of being a master of deadlocks and is used as instrument by the parallel state, and that his only target is to get a new term as president.

Billions of EUR have not reached the state budget, SRI should have intervened. In 2018, higher revenues by RON 70bn against 2016

The PSD chair argues that one of the main national security problems is that billions of euros have not reached the state budget.

“One of the main national security problems is that billions of euros have not reached the state budget to build highways, schools, hospitals. SRI should have intervened. Every year they request a higher budget and they’ve received, but they should tell us if they’ve notified someone. They did not know? (…) The fiscal environment is very attractive in Romania,” Dragnea said.

“In 2018 we will register higher revenues by RON 70 billion against 2016. Valcov (Darius Valcov – adviser to PM Dancila, our note) phoned me. This is one of the consequences of the governing programme, in 2019 we will exceed, for the first time, budget revenues of more than RON 1,000 billion, some RON 1,028 billion. This is the consequence if the tax base is increased,” Liviu Dragnea said.

He added that the declared profit of Romanian companies is by 3.5 times larger than the one of foreign companies.

“The declared profit of Romanian companies is by 3.5 times larger than the one of foreign companies. I know Romanians are smart, but are all Romanian managers 3.5 times smarter than the foreigners? (…) They consider us stupid, but this is the limit. This is the beginning and they should understand that we have the right to collect the taxes as in the mother-countries.” Dragnea said.

He claims there are companies with large turnover, of billions of euros, but register very low profit, just above 1%, as they do not want to pay the taxes in Romania.



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