Update: R. of Moldova gives confidence vote for new Pavel Filip cabinet. Violent street protests in Chișinău

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The parliament of Republic of Moldova has voted on Wednesday in favour of the new government to be led by PM Pavel Filip, after weeks of political turmoil, digi24.ro reports. The vote of confidence registered 57 ballots in favour.
“Thank you all my colleagues from the parliamentary majority, for the responsible way in which it contributed to avoiding early elections. I thank the members of the diplomatic corps and the partners for development. May this be a good beginning,” the new PM Pavel Filip said after the ballot, according to publika.md.
The cabinet ministers are to be sworn in before the country president during the next three days.

Shortly after the confidence vote, hundreds of people took to the streets to denounce the new Cabinet led by Democrat Pavel Filip.

Protesters have broken the police’s improvised protection cordon, while some of them thrust with the police forces. They chanted: “Thieves”, “Down with traitors” and “We don’t go home”.

Agora.md reports that several protesters managed to enter the Parliament’s building and clashed with the police officers barricaded in there. Practically the policemen are piggybacked and thrown out from the Parliament building. Protesters are taking the police officers out one by one, while seizing their shields.

Ten poeple suffered injuries following clashes, needing medical care. The General Prosecutor’s Office of the republic initiated a criminal investigation to probe into the violence’s circumstances.

Despite protests, members of the new Filip Cabinet swore-in late on Wednesday. Spokesperson of the Moldovan Presidency Vlad Turcanu resigned after initialy informing the swear-in ceremony had been delayed.

Political leaders, aggressed

Former president of the Moldovan Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu, leader of the Liberal Party ws aggressed in Parliament by the angry protesters. They were discontent that Ghumpu had endorsed Pavel Filip Governmen. Jurnal de Chișinău reported that Mihai Ghimpu has a head injury.

One of the leaders of the Platform for Dignity and Truth, Chiril Motpan was also injured during clashes. He accused he had been aggressed by police forces. He suffered head injuries, too, according to Jurnal de Chişinău.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called all political actors in Chișinău to act responsibly.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely watching the evolutions in Chișinău. We advise everybody to be calm and we call all political actors in R.of Moldova to act responsibly to ensure the democratic process to invest Pavel Filip Government, which got the confidence vote of the legitimate Parliament in Chișinău,” reads a MAE press release.

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