Update: Romania conditions financial aid to R. of Moldova on concrete reform steps in Chișinău


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PM Dacian Cioloș on Tuesday stated that the Government in Bucharest would deliver the first tranche of the reimbursable aid destined to the Republic of Moldova only after Chișinău took practical reform steps that would be on a list sent to the Romanian authorities by the end of this week.

“Before delivering the first installment, we expect the Government of R. Moldova to come up with concrete measures that will prove the will of reform. I told my Moldovan counterpart that we’d table a list of measures in the upcoming days that his Government could take before Bucharest delivered this first tranche. At the same time, Romania wants to coordinate its financial refundable aid with the European Commission and with the IMF,” PM Cioloș told a joint press conference with Moldovan PM Pavel Filip who is paying an official visit to Bucharest on Tuesday.

The first tranche mounts to EUR 60m, while the entire loan totals EUR 150m.

The Romanian premier also announced that the Gov’t in Bucharest considers granting an emergency aid to help Moldovan needy citizens to get over the winter time, meaning to donate food and heating materials.

Official sources told local media that among the requests to be sent to Chișinău there is the one to name a governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova, to implement the EU-R. Moldova Association Agreement, to pass the anti-corruption law package and some laws on the business environment.

President Klaus Iohannis sent back in Parliament the law on the reimbursable financial aid to Republic of Moldova in early November last year, arguing that the promulgation is desirable as long as the reform process is a sure thing in Chișinău.

The Gov’t of one last chance

After the meeting with PM Cioloș, the new Moldovan premier Pavel Filip was received by president Klaus Iohannis at Cotroceni Palace. Filip stated that the government he is leading is probably ‘the last chance’ for the political class in Chișinău.

“I told you on other various occasions that it is the last chance’s government for this political class, as it is to blame for the current situation of the R.Moldova. I want to thank you one more time for accepting to have this meeting in order to convince you that we are set to deliver outcomes. We won’t focus on populism (….) but on actions,” Moldovan PM told President Iohannis.

Pavel Filip said he is a man of responsibility and that among his Government’s main priorities there is the adoption of the strategy on judiciary reform and on anti-corruption fight.

“I am the man of responsibility. Mr. Plahotniuc (Vlad Plahotniuc, rejected by President Timofti to take over the PM seat) is just my party colleague. I am rational man and when I accepted to take over this position, me and my colleagues from the Minister Cabinet were aware of the political and financial crisis in the Republic of Moldova and I realized very well that unless we took the reforms’ path so that these reforms should be felt in Chișinău by the citizens and by our foreign partners, this political class would not have one more chance,” he said.

Pavel Filip also pointed out that the republic needs stability on all levels: financial, social, economic and political. “Issuing from that, we are determined to work day and night at the Government to deliver the final results,” Filip said.

“I haven’t felt until now the depth of the expression <A friend in need is a friend indeed>. Actually, my first visit was here to Romania for we count on your support a lot,” the Moldovan prime minister also stated, with president Iohannis retorting “ You can count on that!”.

The Romanian President also underlined that Romania is clearly standing by the Republic of Moldova and endorses its European path.

“Romania is definitely alongside the Republic of Moldova. We want to support you on your European path, and I am sure that together we will find the best approaches,” Iohannis told Filip at the beginning of their meeting

Klaus Iohannis further stated that the new Moldovan Government’s term is a tough one, in a difficult period, but which can be “very pleasant”, considering the “great chance” that Filip has in rendering the political and financial stability to the Republic of Moldova.

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