Update: Traian Basescu, elected Vice-President of the EP Foreign Affairs Committee, says Merkel and Macron are dividing the EU

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MEP Traian Basescu says that France and Germany are actually isolating the Eastern European Union countries by rejecting any Eastern European nomination for the EU leadership.

On Friday, Traian Basescu was voted as Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee with the European Parliament, one of the most important committees in Brussels.

“The statement in Sibiu sounded so well! Macron and Merkel, using Donald Tusk as screen, have managed to oust the Eastern EU countries from the European Union. The penultimate legislature had Buzek as President of the EU Council for two and a half years, and now the position is held by Donald Tusk, another Pollack, currently the talks on the new list of key positions with the EU for the next 5 years reveals that there’s no Eastern European considered. The Old Europe got isolated from the easterners by setting a separate budget, now France and Germany are isolating the Eastern EU countries by rejecting any nomination of an Eastern European to the leading EU positions,” MEP Traian Basescu, former President of Romania, wrote on Facebook.

He says that among the nominated persons for EU leadership there are ‘political mediocrities’ such as Belgian Premier Charles Michel or ‘the German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen.’

“While the EU needs more than ever solidarity and politicians to speed up the integration processes, Merkel and Macron have drawn a thick line between the Old Europe and the Eastern EU countries. Unfortunately, the ideologist of isolating the East, the young Macron, is practicing the catastrophic vision at the expense of the future of the EU, given that he is unable to reform his own country and the elections in France showed he was defeated by extremist Marine Le Pen,” Basescu further wrote.

The Romanian MEP mentions a hidden, toxic solution within the European Union.

“It is about Frans Timmermans, an all-time adversary of the Eastern EU countries, supported by Macron and Mark Rutte, the Dutch Premier, for the position of European Commission President. The firm opposition of EPP made this nomination impossible. Instead, the tasteless Ursula von der Leyen will be appointed as President, with Timmermans as First Vice-President of the European Commission, who – by the delegated attributions – will be the de facto President of the European Commission,” Traian Basescu says.

The former President wrote that a solidary reaction from the countries in Eastern EU is a requisite for relaunching the European construction.

“Is there anything to do to relaunch the enlarged and balanced European construction? Let’s hope so, on the requisite of a solidary reaction from the Eastern EU countries. The old ones have isolated us. And I remember that the statement in Sibiu sounded so well!” Basescu added.

The PMP MEP believes that there are many Premiers and Presidents from Eastern Europe in the European Council able to take over the position of President of the European Council or the one of President of the European Commission.

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