Update2: Censure motion against Dancila cabinet – rejected

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Update2: The censure motion filed by the Opposition against the Viorica Dancila Government was rejected Tuesday afternoon by the joint plenary of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

In favour of the motion were 202 votes and 7 abstentions. The PSD MPs did not vote. In order to be approved, the motion needed 233 ballots.

Update: In her speech in Parliament, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated that the Opposition does not really want to govern, calling the parties which support the censure motion ‘The Alliance of Austerity’. They have no ideas or governing programme, they only mystify the truth, Dancila said.

“It’s the third time I come to Parliament as Prime Minister, on censure motions, and I notice the Opposition has the same approach: to mystify the truth, it lacks viable solutions for Romanians and for Romania, they offend the policy of good sense. (…) The entire text of the motion shows one thing, the Opposition’s incapacity to deliver a serious project for the wellbeing of this country. It is obvious you are not an alternative to governance,” PM Dancila said.

She added all she saw are initiatives to cut down the subsidies for farmers, to tax the IT sector and to eliminate the holiday vouchers.

“I honestly ask you? Do you really want to govern? Do you really want to change this government until the next election? I know you don’t.  I haven’t seen from you any proposal as governing programme, no beneficial measure for Romanians, no concrete idea about the functioning of the economy for the citizens’ interest,” the Premier said.

Viorica Dancila wondered what Romanians stand to win if the Opposition takes over the governance, only slogans and metaphors.

“They win austerity? If so, you have to publicly assume it and tell Romanians to get ready. Tell them you are the Alliance of Austerity. (…) It’s the third time you come without vision. You want to topple the Government, but you have nothing to replace it. Your amateurism does not surprise me, I however have confidence Romanians know to make a difference between electoral demagogy and responsible governance,” Dancila concluded.


The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are debating on Tuesday, in joint plenary sitting, starting 14.00h, the censure motion filed by the Opposition parties which calls for the dismissal of the Viorica Dancila Government.
PSD, meanwhile, announced it will ensure the needed quorum, but would not vote on the motion, hotnews.ro reports.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday she has no anxiety about the censure motion and she has confidence in her PSD and ALDE colleagues. Dancila said she will not have talks with ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu before the vote.

“I have no anxiety, I have confidence in my colleagues, I have confidence in out colleagues in the alliance,” Dancila said.

There’s no need to talk with Mr. Tariceanu. They are trustworthy, they are responsible people and today we’ll see the outcome,” Viorica Dancila said.

The censure motion against the Viorica Dăncilă Government, which provides several reasons why the PSD-ALDE cabinet should be dismissed, was tabled last Wednesday to Parliament. The censure motion is signed by 173 MPs and, according to recent statements, will be voted by PNL, USR, PMP and UDMR on Tuesday.

In order to be approved, the opposition needs 233 votes. PNL, USR, PMP, Pro Romania and UDMR have voiced their will to vote in favour.

The Parliament has 465 Deputies and Senators.

In the Chamber of Deputies: PSD – 141, PNL – 68, USR – 27, UDMR – 21, Pro Europa – 21, ALDE – 19, PMP – 12, Minorities – 17, Independents – 3.

In the Senate: PSD – 69, PNL – 25, USR – 13, ALDE – 12, UDMR – 9, Independents – 8.

Calculations reveal that, out of the 465 MPs, the PSD-ALDE coalition has 160 Deputies and 81 Senators – i.e. 241 MPs.

The Opposition has 145 Senators and Deputies (PNL, USR, PMP). If Pro Romania votes in favour of the motion, as claimed by former PM Mihai Tudose, the number of votes may increase to 166. Some independents may join in.

If UDMR joins this side with 30 MPs, the overall number reaches 196 votes. If the minorities’ MPs join in, the total number will be 213 votes.

In conclusion, in order to stand chances, the initiators need to get support from all independents (11) and at least 9 votes from PSD and ALDE.

On the homestretch, PNL chairman Ludovic Orban has sent a message to PSD and ALDE lawmakers, arguing they still have the chance to redeem themselves if voting the motion.

“You have two options-to end your political career by remaining accomplices to this toxic regime or you have the chance to redeem yourselves before the Romanian citizens and vote the censure motion,” Orban said.

PSD and ALDE MPs must understand that Romanians want a different kind of ruling, they won’t accept anymore this ruling coalition and they must understand that it’s in their power to decide that the Romanians’ will should be translated into reality”, the PNL chair added.

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