Update2: Parliament’s chambers OK the PSD candidates for the Constitutional Court

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The Chamber of Deputies has voted on Tuesday to appoint Gheorghe Stan, head of the section for investigating the crimes in judiciary, as judge as the Constitutional Court, replacing Stefan Minea, whose mandate is expiring on June 15.

At the same time, the Senate has voted to appoint former vice-president of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), Cristian Deliorga as CCR judge, to replace Simona-Maya Teodoroiu, whose mandate is also expiring on June.

Both candidates have been proposed by the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD).

Gheorghe Stan has been Okayed by 174 votes. Ioan Cupsa, the Liberals’ candidate, has got 63 votes, while Vlad Stefan, proposed by USR, has got 25 votes.

In Senate, Cristian Deliorga has been voted by 70 to 34. PNL deputy has got 24 votes in favour and 80 against, while Mircea Ursuţă, proposed by USR, obtained 10 votes.

The Chamber of Deputies’ legal committee has started Tuesday morning the hearings of the three candidates for the vacant position with the Constitutional Court (CCR).

The Legal Committee has adopted a favorable report for all three candidates.

PSD had a surprise proposal, the head of the Section for Investigating Magistrates (SIIJ) Gheorghe Stan, formerly deputy head of the Judicial Inspectorate. The proposal was filed after tough negotiations with ruling coalition partners ALDE.

The other candidates were PNL Deputy Ioan Cupsa and USR proposal lawyer Vlad Stefan.

Two positions with CCR become vacant, after the end of term for Maya Teodoroiu and Stefan Minea. A third vacant position in June will be taken over by former presidential adviser Simina Tanasescu, the proposal filed by President Klaus Iohannis.

The opposition has failed to nominate a common candidate, thus missing the chance of taking advantage of the fragile majority of the ruling coalition parties in the Chamber of Deputies. Although at the declarative level, both the PNL and the USR spoke of the possibility of a joint candidate, but the negotiations have failed because of the disputes between the two parties. Thus, after the Parliament adopted the two proposals made by the PSD, the configuration in the Constitutional Court is the following:

CCR judges controlled by PSD: Valer Dorneanu, Marian Enache, Varga Attila, Gheorghe Stan, Cristian Deliorga

CCR judges independent of PSD: Daniel Morar, Livia Stanciu, Mona Pivniceru, Simina Tănăsescu

Who is Cristian Deliorga

PSD had a second proposal, i.e. Cristian Deliorga, judge with the Constanta Court of Appeals. Deliorga has been prosecutor and Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Vice-president. Some time ago he had been investigated by the DNA in the file of defrauded contests for the office of prosecutor, a file whereby Gabriela Ghita, former deputy Prosecutor General, was sentenced to two years imprisonment. He is known as a friend of the deputy chief of SIIJ Adina Florea.


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