Update2: PM Dancila announces reshuffling ahead. Minimum wage not to increase as of November 1. Tensions in the ruling coalition, in PSD

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Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, has said on Wednesday, in parliament, she would conduct a Government reshuffle and that the assessments on ministers will be completed by Monday.

“There will be a reshuffling, the assessment will be completed by Monday,” PM Dancila said.

In turn, PSD Deputy Chairman Marian Oprisan, said that the ministers without proper public communication regarding the decisions made “will no longer be” in the Government. He pointed to Deputy PM Paul Stanescu, saying he is ‘capable’ but has not communicated at all.

On the other hand, PM Dancila said the increase of the minimum wage as of November 1, as suggested by the Prognosis Commission, is out of the question.

“It is out of the question on November 1. I’ve talked with the trade unions. We will analyse if it is opportune to do it as of December 1 or January 1,” Premier Viorica Dancila said.

The coming reshuffling of the Viorica Dancila cabinet brings tensions in the ruling coalition, whereas the first names are rumoured, although no deal has been sealed yet, political sources have told hotnews.ro.

The social-democrats want castling in the Government scheme, with the Energy Ministry as the core of discontent. The current minister, Anton Anton, is supported by ALDE and the party wants to keep him in office, while PSD also wants the position, being ready to offer in exchange the Ministry of Economy.

The changes rumoured in PSD refer to Lia Olguta Vasilescu – to take over the Development portfolio (currently led by Paul Stanescu – one of Liviu Dragnea’s rivals) with the Labour portfolio to be taken over by Rovana Plumb.

According to the same rumours, the Deputy Premier position would be taken over by Nicolae Badalau and the Transport Minister position by Felix Stroe.

Another move would be to appoint Ecaterina Andronescu as Education Minister, vacant position after the resignation of Valentin Popa.

Other moves: Youth Minister, Ioana Brad, would be replaced by Matei Calin, the research Minister could be taken over by Daniel Breaz.

Political sources quoted by hontews.ro say PSD leader Liviu Dragnea allegedly has convinced ALDE leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, to give up supporting Justice Minister Tudorel Toader and be replaced by Eugen Nicolicea.

However, Tariceanu said Tuesday evening he does not intend to change the ALDE ministers and that Tudorel Toader has all the support from him and the party.

“We haven’t discussed this issue in the coalition, it was only approached in principle a couple of weeks ago. I’ve told colleague Dragnea that ALDE does not envisage changing our ministers,” Tariceanu said.

The dismissal of Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea, is a necessity – PSD counselor says

Tensions are registered also in PSD, mainly at the Bucharest branch. PSD counselor Orlando Culea has launched a petition addressed to the social-democrat leadership, to urgently initiate party election for the Bucharest branch, saying the dismissal of Mayor General Gabriela Firea is a necessity.

“This petition is written and signed by me, it is my initiative, whereby I request the PSD leadership to organize elections at PSD Bucharest branch, as the image of the party is damaged by the Mayor General’s actions. I am not willing to let the party settle these failures,” Culea said, according to digi24.ro.

He claims that Bucharesters did not vote for “vouchers and weekly concerts” paid with public money.


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