Update2: President Iohannis requests PM Dancila’s resignation, says political support withdrawn as she cannot cope with the office


President Klaus Iohannis has called on Friday, during a statement at Cotroceni Palace, for Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s resignation, as she cannot cope with the requirements of the office. “Mrs Dancila has not understood the obligations according to the oath when appointed in office and implements only the party orders,” Iohannis said.

Iohannis said he withdraws the political support for the head of Government.

Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, informed President Klaus Iohannis, Friday morning that she would not attend the meeting at Cotroceni Palace, initially scheduled at 11.00h. The Premier has informed the head of state of her intention by phone.

Open conflict. President Iohannis charges

“We should have had a meeting with Mrs. Dancila at 11.00h. The meeting did not take place, but it has no importance and does not change anything about what I wanted to tell Romanians today. The meeting was to focus on the conflict between the Government and the central bank,” President Klaus Iohannis said.

“The Government discussed last week a secret document, a secret memorandum on foreign policy. This was a huge mistake, in regard to foreign policy we talks about secret documents that should have been sent to the President for consultation, but this did not happen. The Constitution reads that all decisions, for Romania’s interest, should have an institutional consultation between the Premier and the President. These issues have not been understood by Mrs. Dancila. When sworn in, Mrs. Dancila said: I swear to defend democracy, the rights and fundamental freedoms of the citizens… the sovereignty, territorial independence. This means she does not observe the Constitution ad literam, the laws, the principle of loyal cooperation, the Constitutional Court decisions. All these are in the interest of Romania and of Romanians. Mrs. Dancila has chosen to carry out party orders,” the head of state said.

Thus, the president requests the resignation of PM Dancila.

“Considering all these issues, I am withdrawing the support for Mrs. Dancila. I granted the support on January 29, when the Government was invested in office. About three months have passed and I can draw a conclusion. Mrs. Dancila cannot cope with the office of Prime Minister of Romania and turns the Government into vulnerability for Romania. Thus, I publicly request the resignation of Mrs. Dancila from the office of Premier,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The refusal of PM Viorica Dancila to attend the meeting at Cotroceni is unprecedented in the relation with the head of state.

BNR independence, essential

Referring to the talks, which were to focus on the Government-National Bank relations, President Iohannis said: “The meeting was to focus on the conflict between the Government and BNR. The BNR role is clearly defined and so is its independence from politics, Government, other authorities. (…) It is obvious PSD doubts this independence. It is noticed from the statements of some social-democrats and it is concerning. BNR cannot be taken over by PSD, it must remain independent. Even so, it is desirable that the BNR policies and the Government policies are coordinated, discussed. As this did not happen, I wanted to mediate. Mrs. Dancila has not understood.”

PM Dancila was expected to meet the head of state, on Friday, on issues related to the relation with the National Bank of Romania and related to the recent visit to Israel, digi24.ro reports.

President Iohannis said on Thursday he expects explanations from the Premier regarding the visit paid these days to Israel, which had no mandate from the Presidency. In Romania, the President is in charge with the foreign policy.

“I have never heard any Romanian premier to go to a visit abroad and to announce it late in the evening, before leaving, without revealing the agenda, without anyone knowing what she is doing out there. For, anyone can go on a tourist visit, anytime, but when the person who leads the Government is the one going, more should be known,” the head of state added.

In retort, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said the President’s statements are “offenses” and contain “a certain dose of anti-Semitism”.

While in Bacau on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis said that the visit paid by PM Viorica Dancila and PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea to Israel has been made in secret, saying PM Dancila had no mandate for the meetings. As for Liviu Dragnea’s presence there, Iohannis said “who knows what secret deals he is making with the Jews”, Digi24 reported.

President Iohannis announced on Monday he would mediate the Government-BNR relation. He said he would bring to Cotroceni both parties. Nevertheless, on Wednesday he announced talks with BNR Governor at 12.00h, whereas PM Dancila was to go to Cotroceni on Friday.


file photo: meeting between President Iohannis and PM Dancila


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