Update2: Romanians in Diaspora queuing to vote for presidential election. Record turnout, over 600,000 voted on Sunday by 18:30hrs

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More than half million Romanians had voted in the presidential election on Sunday in Diaspora.

More than 600,000 had voted in Diaspora by 18:30hrs, with most of the votes cast being reported in a polling station in London-5,900.

Over 47,000 of Romanians had voted in the presidential election on Sunday by 15:00hrs in the Diaspora, more than in the end of the turnoffs of the presidential election in 2014. 453,542 of the Romanians abroad voted in the polling stations, while  25,189 through the postal vote.

The highest turnout was reported in Italy- 90,730 Romanians. In Germany 71,012 and in Spain – 62,208, In UK- 76,184 and in Republic of Moldova- 33,419.

Romanian military deployed in Afghanistan also went to polls to cast their votes. 471 Romanians had voted in Kandahar , and 312 in Kabul on Sunday till midday.

Romanians living abroad have queued to cast their votes for the presidential election right from day one. People posted photos on social media featuring the queues in front of the polling stations in many European capitals, such as Berlin, Brussels or Rome.

The vote in Diaspora lasts three days, as a premiere, after the electoral law had been amended this year.

So, Romanians in Diaspora can come to polls to vote on November 8,9,10 in the first round of elections, and the same rule is applied for the runoffs, as well: they will be able to vote on November 22,23 and 24.

The voting concluded at the polling station set up in Auckland, New Zealand, with 191 Romanians having cast their vote, during the three days, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

At 11:00hrs on Sunday, over 336,000 Romanians had voted in those 835 polling stations abroad.

Over 285,000 Romanians had voted on the second day of presidential election on Saturday by 21:00hrs before the polls closed.

Over 260,000 Romanians had voted on the second day of presidential election on Saturday by 19:30hrs.

Over 240,000 Romanians had voted on the second day of presidential election by 18:00hrs, Central Electoral Bureau informs. Over 207,000 Romanians turned out to vote abroad until Saturday at 18:00, while 25,200 Romanians in the Diaspora who voted by correspondence.

Over 100,000 Romanians had voted in Diaspora overall on Friday, the first day of vote for them in the presidential election. 83,700 Romanians voted in the poll sections while 25,000 chose the postal vote.

The most numerous voters in Diaspora have been registered in UK (14,800), Italy (13,500), Germany (11,500), Spain (10,100), R. of Moldova (6,930).

Over 94,000 Romanians had voted in Diaspora until 9 p.m. on Friday. 69,094 had voted in the polling stations, 25,189 postal votes.

Over 62,000 Romanians had voted in Diaspora today by 17:15hrs. 25,000 of them opted for postal vote, 37,000 in the polling stations.

The highest turnout was in a polling station in Republic of Moldova, but high turnout was also reported in London or Brussels.

Over 26,000 Romanians living abroad had voted by 15:30 on Friday.

The polling stations opened today at 12:00, local hour in Spain, Italy, France, Germany or Belgium.

The most numerous polling stations were established in Spain-143 in 99 localities. There are 142 polling stations in Italy (five in Rome), 79 in Germany and 50 in France.

The first Romanians who cast their votes were those in Auckland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and China, due to the time zone difference. The polls there opened at 07 a.m. ET

A young man from Romania from South Korea was the first to vote in Seoul. “I was hoping to be the first to vote”, he said.

Saturday: Poll stations opened their gates at 07:00hrs on Saturday, the second day when Romanians in Diaspora could cast their vote in the presidential election. Today the voting programme is longer, from 07:00hrs to 21:00hrs, local hour. On Friday voting started at 12:00hrs.

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