US Ambassador in Bucharest: Fight against corruption must be enhanced

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The fight against corruption must be enhanced, the American ambassador to Romania, Hans Klemm said in Constanta on Friday.

Ambassador Klemm is thus making the first statements after the meeting with Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea two days ago, when scarce information about the talks was available.

The U.S. envoy mentioned they were private talks, but he revealed that the controversial topic of the two ordinances on pardon and criminal codes amendment was tackled. However, the ambassador hinted that the USA’s stance is not changed at all after the meeting. Hans Klemm also opined that Romanians have all the right to voice their discontents and to protest.

“My opinion, the opinion of the United States’ embassy is public, was contained in the statement that we released on Wednesday with five other partner countries.

It is the hope of the United States, and this is not a confine just to Romania but also to includes Romania, that our partners, our allies, our friends, enhance the rule of law and strengthen the fight against corruption and not take steps to weaken that fight. That would be my message,” said Hans Klemm.

On Thursday, Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea was also talking about the meeting with the Americna ambassador, saying he has met Hans Klemm on Wednesday at the ambassador’s request, that the meeting has been scheduled two weeks before and that they “had a pretty sober, pretty good, pretty correct discussion”. Dragnea also pointed out that he had reiterated Romania’s support for the relation with the USA, enhancing the strategic partnership on the economic sector, and that he also had offered explanations regarding the Gov’ts ordinances on justice.

Asked to comment the fact that the USA, through the embassy, have warned the current ruling-in a statement signed along with five other countries- over the fact that partnerships might be jeopardized following amendments operated to the criminal law and if PSD is considering the abrogation of those ordinances, Dragnea asnwered: “Without any doubt, we are closely monitoring all that these officials are saying, we respect them.” The SocDem leader mentioned that he wouldn’t know if the US Ambassador’s stance had revised after the discussion with him.

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