US Ambassador Klemm after meeting Dragnea: Anti-corruption law amendments can have a negative impact on the US-Romania cooperation


The US Ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm, has stated on Friday, after the meeting with PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea the other day, that the amendments operated on the justice and anti-corruption laws can negatively influence the Romania-US relation, adding that the government in Washington fully endorses the anti-corruption fight and the protection of human rights, according to G4Media.

Ambassador Klemm told „The U.S. – Romania Strategic Partnership: Highlights & Opportunities- AmCham Ambassadorial Business Breakfast” event that the recent amendments on the criminal and anti-corruption legislation in Bucharest, also flagged in a joint letter of the EU ambassador and officials, can have a negative impact over the cooperation between US and Romania on the fight against terrorism, arms dealing and human trafficking.

Referring to the recent scandal prompted by Rudolph Giuliani letter to Romanian officials, the ambassador pointed out that, despite rhetoric, one must make a difference between the US official stance expressed by the White House and by the Embassy and the statements of the citizens. Everyone is free to write what he considers right, Hans Klemm added.

The Chamber speaker, Liviu Dragnea, also PSD chairman, retorted on Wednesday after the meeting with the American ambassador that their discussion referred to the enhancement of the Strategic Partnership, focusing on boosting the economic ties.

The US Ambassador, Hans Klemm has had talks with the Chamber of Deputies Speaker, PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, on Wednesday. The meeting started at 15.30h.

The US Embassy has confirmed that Ambassador Klemm has a meeting scheduled on Wednesday with Liviu Dragnea.

After the meeting, Liviu Dragnea has had another meeting, this time with Vice-Premier Paul Stanescu and with Florin Iordache, the head of the special parliamentary committee for the laws of justice, the same source reports. The meeting started at 17.00h.

The meeting between Dragnea and Klemm was not on the Chamber of Deputies agenda for Wednesday.

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