US Ambassador Klemm: Patriot capabilities are purely defensive, no reason to tense Romania’s relations with Russia


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The US Ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm, thinks that the main focus of the American-Romanian strategic partnership will still be on security in the years to come. In an interview to TVR, Klemm stated that there is no risk for the Patriot missile that Romania plans to acquire to tense relations with Russia, arguing they are purely defensive.

Certainly the focus will continue to be on security, on jointly investing not only in Romania’s security, but in the Black sea and transatlantic security. The Patriot missile system purchase is part of a process that I am sure will eventually lead to Romania acquiring these defense capabilities that the Patriots provide,” the American ambassador said, adding that the purchase’s impact will be profound.

The acquisition impact will be profound. It will provide protection for aggressive air attack not only for Romania, but it will also contribute to the defence of Romania’s neighbors and NATO alliance as a whole,” Klemm explained, while reiterating that the purchase is part of Romania’s commitment to invest 2 pc of the GDP in defence, “a commitment that the Unites States strongly support.

Patriots will not be the only things Romania will acquire as a consequence of this commitment, but they are very critical component of Romania’s decision to improve its defence system,” the US envoy argued. Asked if they risk tensing relations with Russia, Klemm stated that there is absolutely no reason for this to happen, as “these are purely defensive capabilities”.

About the anti-corruption fight

The USA will continue to be a very strong voice in support of Romania’s fight against corruption, the ambassador reiterated, saying he encourages the fight. “Romania remains a positive example to other countries in CEE in fighting corruption. It’s impossible to go to zero, the USA too have problems with official corruption (…). I think a review of the judiciary system is appropriate, there is one under way, but there are also very strong proposals to maintain fight against corruption,” Klemm said.

Fortified churches restoration

The interview took place in Daia, Mures county, where the US ambassador was present to donate for the restorations of three fortified churches.

As for the donation, Hans Klemm explained “this is a gift made through the generosity of the American people to three fortified churches in Transylvania, in this case.” “It’s the result of a worldwide competition every year we offer NGOs, or church organizations to compete for the limited amount of funding that the American people have designated to preserve cultural artifacts around the world. And we do this out of the spirit of respect for other cultures, traditions and history and we seek to make small investments to maintain that culture and history,” he added.

Klemm pointed out that the initial objective in Daia is to preserve the culture and restore the church so that future generations, both of those who live in Mures, but also of Romanians and those who visit Romania, can experience this beautiful piece of history that exists here in Daia, but a secondary effect of the grant will be the economic growth of the region.

About infrastructure, agricultural potential and favorite dish

As for the lack of road infrastructure in Romania, the ambassador voiced hope “this will be a priority of the government to provide the infrastructure to make it easier move around the country and to connect the country both internally and also with Europe.

Hans Klemm also said that in his view, Romania’s potential remains very great including in the rural parts because the agricultural potential is so high.

The ambassador even revealed he and his wife like the Romanian wines, saying Romania has a tremendous potential here.

Most of the wine produced in Romania is consumed in Romania, very little is exported. If Romanian wine producers tried to export they would have huge success in the US or in other countries,” he said.

Questioned which is his Romanian favorite dish, the diplomat disclosed he likes nuts and honey, “a very delicious food that he has found nowhere else in the world.

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