US Ambassador Klemm: The US will remain a strong ally, partner and friend. There is the myth that it is extremely difficult to get the US visa


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US Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans G. Klemm, said on Thursday, during an online discussion on Facebook, that he has not yet had a meeting with the new prime minister Dacian Ciolos, but when that moment will come, he will assure the Romanian official that the US will remain a very strong ally, partner and friend.

According to him, the US has three priorities that are related: promoting security, democracy and prosperity.

The government has committed to strengthen the strategic partnership with the US and to deepen Romania’s contribution to NATO, as well as to continue to the fight against corruption and to uphold judicial independence and it said it would take steps to improve the business environment in Romania, which inspired the US Ambassador, according to his statements.

On the other hand, the US Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans G. Klemm, said that although there is a myth that the visa for entry the US is extremely difficult, in fact the visa application process is very simple.

Ambassador Klemm showed in an online discussion on Facebook, that the Obama administration is trying to achieve the change of legislation to extend the programme, but that at the moment the legislation in this field is a very sensitive issue, so it is very difficult to predict when the legislation will be changed. According to the US envoy, his colleagues at the consulate stress that the visa application process is extremely simple.

He said that for the moment the provisions of the Visa Waiver programme depend on the US legal framework, there are a number of criteria that must be met for a country to qualify for being included in the programme.

The ambassador says Romania has made efforts to meet the criteria and that the rate of refusals evolve in the right direction.

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