US Department of State official – Concern expressed about the attempts to change the justice system. Romania plays important role in the Black Sea region

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The United States support the fight against corruption in Romania and back Romania’s path to Western values, Matthew Boyle, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, said on Tuesday, during his first visit to Bucharest, after meeting Romanian officials.

Boyse said during a meeting with the press that he is in Bucharest to work on the US-Romania relations and to carry on the dialogue of his predecessor, Brian Hoyt Yee. He stressed Romania has become a power in the Black Sea region and plays a more important role than two months ago, reports.

The US Assistant Secretary of State told the press he has talked with the Bucharest officials about the issues related to corruption and rule of law, adding that such topics are often approached and the US is paying great attention on the developments. Referring the Government’s option to issue an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon, Boyse said he hopes Romania remains attached to the European Union values and continues on the right way.

Matthew Boyle stressed he is concerned about the repeated attempts to the parliamentary majority to change the justice system for the interest of those in power.

Given that Romania will take over the EU Council presidency as of January 1, in full crisis generated by Brexit and during the election campaign for European elections, the coming period will be a challenging one for our country. Boyse said the presidency will not be an easy one.

Boyse has paid a visit to Bulgaria and will travel to the Czech Republic in the coming days.

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