US military faints during President Iohannis’ speech on Romanian Navy Day in Constanta

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A U.S. military has fainted during President Klaus Iohannis’ speech on Romanian Navy Day in Constanta, on Thursday, August 15.

Photos released in mass media are featuring the American soldier fainting while soldiers are trying to provide first aid, with President Iohannis continuing his speech. After finishing his speech, the head of state left without looking on his right where the incident took place. It is not clear whether the President noticed the event or not.

Footage shows the American soldier blacking out and falling back while the other soldiers are catching him. As the military is not getting any better, one of his colleagues is running behind the President to bring a stretcher, while Klaus Iohannis is continuing to deliver his speech.

Defence minister Gabriel Les has said the military is under care. “Things are going well. He just had a sugar crash (e.n.hypoglycaemia), he is admitted at the Military Hospital in Bucharest”, the minister explained.

President Iohannis: Coordinated effort still needed to deter hostile actions in the Black Sea region

During his speech on the Romanian Navy Day, celebrated in Constant on Thursday, President Iohannis has said that “an all-inclusive, all level coherent and coordinated approach, politically included” is further needed to deter the hostile actions in the Black Sea region. Iohannis argued that, beyond the military sector, this effort should cover the “economic, of transport, energy, environmental aspects and most importantly the society’s resilience”.

“The Black Sea region has a particular strategic significance not only to our country, but also to the entire Euroatlantic space. The security of this area marked by complex and ceaseless challenges is vital for our security. As a NATO and EU member state, Romania is part of a common space of security and defence,” Iohannis pointed out.

The head of state congratulated the participants in the international instruction march on the “Mircea” Tall Ship, the Romanian longest lasting naval presence on the planet’s seas and oceans.

In appreciation of the high professionalism and outstanding results obtained by the “Mircea” crews over the time, I have conferred the pavilion of this ship the ‘Maritime Virtue’ Order in the Rank of Commander, with a sign of peace for the military,” Klaus Iohannis said.

“Mircea” training ship was built in 1938 in the shipyard “Blohm und Voss” in Hamburg, the second ship designed for trainees in the maritime profession.It is named after the one of the most important rules in Wallachia – Mircea cel Batran (1382-1418). His name literally translates to “Mircea the Old” in modern Romanian, but the original meaning of his name is slightly different – “Mircea the Elder”.

The ship was built after the modified plans of the German sail ship “Gorch Foch”. In the world there are currently five ships of this type: (“Eagle” (e.g. Horst Wessel) – United States, “Gorch Foch I” (e.g. Tovarisch, e.g. Gorch Foch –ship museum) – Germany, “Gorch Foch II” – Germany, “Sagres” (e.g. Albert Leo Schlageter) – Portugal).

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