US Senator McCain: “We’re not Romania.” Ambassador Maior says disparaging mention was probably made by mistake

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Romanian ambassador to the United States George Cristian Maior (second photo)maior georgesays a disparaging mention of Romania by U.S. Senator John McCain (first photo) was probably made by mistake.

The ‘New York Times’ quoted on Friday Senator McCain saying about a possible presidency of the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“I still believe we have the institutions of government that would restrain someone who seeks to exceed their constitutional obligations,” the senator told The New York Times, according to Agerpres. “We have a Congress. We have the Supreme Court. We’re not Romania.”

Ambassador Maior commented on Saturday: “Senator John McCain is known as a constant friend of Romania; he is even one of the signatories of the U.S. Senate resolution on 135 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and the United States of America. This document underlines Romania’s significant role for the past 25 years, especially in the current difficult regional context, in advancing stability, security, and democratic principles in Central and Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans, and the Black Sea region. Under these circumstances, probably Senator John McCain has probably mentioned Romania by error, in an unhappy phrase that contradicts the essence of an official statement supported by Senator John McCain and unanimously adopted by the Senate of the United States of America, in which our country is appreciated precisely for its major contribution to the observance of democratic principles in the region.”

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