US visas for Romanians might be waived in 1-2 years

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Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu claims that visas for Romanians travelling to the US will be waived in one or two years, a Foreign Ministry (MAE) working group work in order to apply the Joint Statement of the US and EU regarding the visas lifting.

Melescanu mentioned that there are working sectors regarding the Strategic Partnership for the 21st century with the US.

“The third important matter we are working on is lifting visas for Romanians travelling to the United States. I have had two working meetings with American experts. We had a tripartite meeting in April in Brussels — the European Commission, Romania and the United States — and we are still working to apply a Joint Statement of the US and EU regarding the programme to implement visa waivers for five countries, among them Romania, that do not benefit from this regime. The time horizon is of one-two years,” Melescanu said Friday evening for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

The Foreign Minister stressed that President Iohannis’ visit to the US was a clear moment of placing Romania on the US political map.

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