USB request for vote recount, rejected by Electoral Bureau District 1. Clotilde Armand: It’s a complete abuse

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Save Bucharest Union (USB) request for the recount of ballots in several polling stations in District 1 was rejected Tuesday evening by the Electoral Bureau District 1.

“It was decided unanimously by the District 1 Bureau to reject as unfounded the USB request for vote recount,” the President of Electoral Bureau District 1 Alexandru Stoian said.

USB candidate for District City Hall, Clotilde Armand, said the decision to reject the application for votes recount in several polling stations represents a ‘complete abuse’.

“I have to admit I’m extremely upset. Whatever the outcome, it seems to me as normal in a country like Romania, in Bucharest, in District 1 to make this minimal effort to recount the votes. It’s not an abusive request, it is a completely justified request. Anyone who sees the figures understands this and it is even necessary to do this check. It’s a complete abuse. I understand now why they delayed it, but the final decision was wrong. We’ll keep you informed on the steps we will follow,” she said in a video message posted on Facebook.

Save Bucharest Union (USB) requested Tuesday morning the vote recount in District 1 Bucharest, invoking statistical discrepancy in the number of votes obtained by the USB candidate, Clotilde Armand.

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