USR and PNL to request the Ombudsman to challenge the laws of justice to the CCR

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Representatives of the USR and PNL say they will request the Ombudsman to refer to the Constitutional Court the emergency ordinance issued on Tuesday for the laws of justice. The two parties will submit two separate requests.

PNL is to submit the application on Wednesday at 15.00h and USR at 13.30h, reports.

USR Deputy Stelian Ion mentioned the fact that Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea (photo) is on holiday starting on Wednesday.

Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea, the only one who can challenge the Emergency Ordinance promoted by Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, to the Constitutional Court, is on vacation as of Wednesday, the representatives of the institution have confirmed the information for Press sources report that Ciorbea will be on vacation for two weeks.

Magda Stefanescu, one of Ciorbea’s deputies, is replacing him during this period, the representatives of the Ombudsman say.

USR lawmakers have announced that, although the Ombudsman is on vacation, they will go to the headquarters of the institution on Wednesday to file a petition requesting that the Toader ordinance is appealed to the Constitutional Court.

“It is essential to stop this ordinance. There are procedural means, one of which is to ask the Ombudsman to refer it to the CCR, and we have identified many reasons for unconstitutionality. After the plenary session, all the USR MPs will go to the Ombudsman and we will file a petition to show him the reasons for unconstitutionality. There must be someone to replace him. The Ombudsman is an institution,” USR State Secretary, Stelian Ion, has said.

We remind that the Government adopted Monday morning the GEO to amend and supplement some normative acts regarding the laws of justice.

The Senate adopted on Monday, a draft bill to amend the law on Ombudsman organization, providing that the institution’s leadership will receive special pensions, cumulated with the indemnity for the current mandate.

On Monday, Victor Ciorbea said the Senate’s decision is justified by the fact that the institution’s leadership is under huge pressure and is overwhelmed by the volume of work. His earnings are estimated to reach about EUR 7,500 per month.

Analysts have said this is the means to make the Ombudsman very reluctant when challenging drafts filed by the political power and that Victor Ciorbea will thus not challenge the Emergency Ordinance to the CCR.

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